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A Special Wedding

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It is always a beautiful event to see two people that have struggled so much finally be able to have the wedding that they dreamed of.  I want to share a story with our readers of someone that is very special to me and her beautiful wedding. Ruth has struggled with Epileptic seizures since she was 14 years old. Many people think that because a person has Epilepsy they may not have a normal life. Let me tell you that this is not the case. She met her fiance and it was love at first sight. The love that they shared helped them conquer another obstacle in their lives. Her husband is deaf, but to them this was not going to stop them from having wonderful wedding flowers and breathe taking floral arrangements.  Finally the big day had come.

Her wedding flowers were red roses, long stem white calla lilies, greens and baby’s breath. Wholesale Roses are one of the most popular and yet finest choices for wedding and event decorations. Roses are one of the few flowers that can be used without other flowers or fillers in flower arrangements and they will make look weddings and events particularly exquisite.  White Calla Lilies are one of the most elegant cut flowers available. Calla Lilies symbolize charm, elegance, grace and beauty.  Calla Lilies enhance any setting bringing a touch of elegance and sophistication.  A perfect filler simple to use, Babies Breath, also known as Gypsophila, is used commonly to complement floral arrangements. She also had her flower girl throw fresh wholesale red rose petals on the floor while she walked down the aisle.



They had a very beautiful and amazing wedding. At this time they have a little princess that is their little rose and when she gets married they will definitely use wholesale flowers for her wedding decorations and floral arrangements.  Who said that happily ever after is only for movies and TV programs?


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