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How To Use Your Wholesale Rose Petals

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Whole Blossoms wholesale rose petals are very popular when it comes to weddings and special events. We offer fresh, freeze dried and organic rose petals, you can surely find the right variety of rose petals for your special events or wedding at Whole Blossoms. Pick from a wide range of diverse colors and year round availability to go together with your wedding flowers or other wholesale flowers.

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It’s a long standing tradition to use fresh rose petals in weddings. Its commonly celebrated appeal and compliment to all varieties of fresh wedding flowers make them a top seller. Gaining in fame, in recent times freeze dried rose petals are being renowned for their comparatively longer shelf life and recommended use at a number of venues. Its non slip characteristic and strong anti stain property has helped in propelling freeze dried petals to credit with many event planners, florists and wedding sites.

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It is imperative that you keep your Fresh Rose Petals in a cool, shaded not humid place out of sun till the time they are to be used. Keep them at a temperature below 60 degrees and above 35 degrees to make sure highest freshness. If you like, you can also store them in portable refrigerators to keep them cold however they must not be stored with food in view of the fact that food gases deteriorate the appearance of the petals.

When storing your rose petals, make certain that they are not moved from cold to hot or the other way around because extreme temperature changes can burn the petals.

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