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Nothing Better Than Roses

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As we approach the final month of the wedding season for Summer Wedding Flowers, we at Whole Blossoms want to encourage with our Wholesale Roses. We have had a really good season for Flowers so far and many varieties are in short supply, but don’t worry; we have been working very hard behind the scenes for you and have added hundred of new varieties of Roses For Sale. You really need to check out our selection, not only do we have some really cool varieties, but we have added many new colors that will never find anywhere else. We are going to continue adding to our catalog and are now approaching 4,000 varieties.

We have been studying all the trends and have added some very beautiful tones, even bicolor tones that you will love to have. The only problem you will have is deciding which Bloom to choose. We also added some of the finest Preserved Roses that will only be able to find at Whole Blossoms.

When it come to Flower Arrangements and Centerpiece Ideas, you can easily find your wedding theme colors with our color selection and begin creating your masterpieces for your dream wedding or special event.

When you buy Bulk Roses, you can save big on premium quality on your favorite wedding theme. We have selected some interesting colors to choose for a theme and they will also work for Fall Wedding Flowers as well.

Yellow Wedding Theme

When it comes to Yellow Flowers, you will appreciate our Yellow Rose collection. If you make the Rose the primary Flower, everything else can blend together nicely. If you are considering some Yellow Wedding Flowers for Yellow Wedding Bouquet, you will definitely want to consider adding

  • Yellow Alstroemeria
  • Yellow Gerbera Daisy
  • Yellow Gerbera Daisy Spider
  • Yellow Calla Lily Long
  • Yellow Button Poms
  • Yellow Ranunculus
  • Baby’s Breath Yellow Flowers
  • Yellow Spray Roses
  • Heliconia Yellow Flower
  • Yellow Lily Asiatic Lily
  • Spider Mums Anastasia Yellow Flowers
  • Yellow Button Poms
  • Cremon Disbud Yellow
  • Yellow Chrysanthemum – Cushion Poms
  • Yellow Daffodil
  • Yellow Daisy
  • French Yellow Tulips
  • Yellow Craspedia
  • Yellow Sweetheart Roses
  • Football Mum Tinted Yellow Flower
  • Metallic Yellow Hydrangea
  • Yellow Anemone – Dyed Flowers
  • Marigold Yellow
  • Yellow Dendrobium Orchid

There are also many other varieties to choose from. Yellow is a color that can be used summer, fall, and spring, adding some warmth to your special occasion.

Another wedding theme to consider is a Blush Pink Wedding Theme. This is an excellent color with lots of availability left this summer. It is a great transitional color for many other colors, such as Pink Flowers, Magenta Flowers, Hot Pink Flowers, Lavender Purple Flowers, Burgundy Flowers, and more. So if you are searching for Blush Wedding Flowers, for an Elegant Blush Bouquet, you may consider some of our other Blush Flowers to go with Blush Pink Roses, such as

  • Cremon Pink Mum Flower
  • Hypericum Flower Creamy Peach
  • Pink Maaike Roses
  • Pink Amaryllis Light Tone
  • Fringed Pink Light Tulips
  • Lorraine Organic Roses
  • Alertie Blush Peonies
  • Blush Anemone Dark Center
  • Allium Roseum Pink Flowers
  • Blush Anemone Rosa Chiaro
  • Blushig Beauty White Garden Roses
  • Blush Peonies For Sale
  • Blush Calla Lily
  • Fringed Blush Pink Tulips
  • Mini Cymbidium Orchid Blush
  • Senorita Pink Roses

We also have many other varieties to select from.

One other color you may consider to accompany summer roses is Burgundy Flowers. This is a really great tone for late summer and early fall and we see many brides ordering them from early September on. If you are planning a Burgundy Wedding Theme and need Burgundy Wedding Flowers for Burgundy Wedding Bouquet, you may also consider

  • Simply Remarkable Flower Combo
  • Burgundy Anemone
  • Hyacinth Burgundy Dark Plum Flowers
  • Burgundy Ranunculus
  • Schwarzwalder Calla Lily
  • Red Calla Lily Cranberry
  • Burgundy Calla Lily
  • Painted Burgundy Hydrangea Flower
  • Burgundy Carnations
  • Burgundy Carnations Mini Chateau
  • Allium Bullit Purple Burgundy Flowers
  • Ruscus – Metallic Red Filler Flowers
  • Eucalyptus – Metallic Red Filler Flowers
  • Stock Deep Purple Eggplant Flower
  • Burgundy Gerbera Daisy Gerrondo
  • Burgundy Dahlia Fringed Red Tulips
  • Red Baby’s Breath Dark Tone
  • Burgundy Sweet Pea
  • Feather Celosia Red Flowers

We also have many other wonder varieties to choose from.

Love is in the air in 2021 and we have talked with many florist and wedding planners who are booked all the way through the rest of the year. If you are still planning your wedding, we recommend that you place your orders now to secure availability. We have seen some last minute orders struggling to get through because of availability, so don’t delay.

Please visit our website www.wholeblossoms.com or give us a call at 1-877-259-2566.

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