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How to put the Right Colors and Flowers together for a Wedding or Planned Event

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Are you about to plan a wedding or event and having a difficult time trying to decide what color and flowers to put together? Depending upon the season, are you curious as to which flowers will work best? Well, I would love to give you some simple tips that you will find pretty handy to keep for yourself or pass on to a friend or family member. Let’s talk about suggested color themes first.

Single Color Schemes – All white for instance –are one possibility. However, they can look too monotonous, so blend deeper and paler shades of one variety, and remember the importance of foliage

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Combining Colors – This is the other option. A color wheel is a visual way of dividing the spectrum and a useful tool since it shows which colors contrast harmoniously, and which ones don’t. Opposite and contrasting colors would be red and green; blue and yellow; purple and orange. Harmonious paintings include pink and purple; blue and green; yellow and orange. In general, dark or very bright colors need the most skillful handling; pastels are easier to use.

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White – This is associated with purity and serenity. Ivory and cream are often more flattering than white, and white flowers usually have undertones of yellow, oink, blue, or green, that warm or cool them.

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Yellow – This can be cool or warm, and two types don’t mix too well. Greenish yellows blend well with green, cream, white, or soft blue; golden yellows are a good match for oranges and warm reds.

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Orange – This can be a challenging color. As apricot, peach, and buff, it’s easier to mix with cream and buttery yellow. Intense orange combines well with warm yellow, gold, terracotta, or warm reds; or it can be cooled with blue, green, or purple.

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Red – This color is the most primary color. The addition of green, white, or cream helps to tone it down. Blue reds can be mixed with reddish purples; even pink can be used with red, but only with great care.

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Pink – This is feminine and romantic. Avoid mixing cool pinks with blue undertones and warm pinks with yellow undertones. Pink and green is a classic combination; cool pinks look beautiful with purple, blue, and silver; coral can be combined with oranges and pinkish reds for tropical sizzle.

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Purple – This color ranges from lilac and mauve to plum and almost black. Deep purples work with dark reds, blues, or pinks for jewel like effect. Paler shades look good with soft blues and pale pinks. Dark purples work with red undertones can be partnered with orange.

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Blue – This color ranges from true blues to purplish shades such as lavender. It blends well with white, cream, cool pink, and purple; true blue works well with yellow.

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Green – This color is an invaluable partner for other colors, foliage plays a key part in most floral displays. Lime or apple greens look good with white, cream, blue, and yellow; contrasting green with red, pink, or purple can be effective.

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When you have your colors picked out, it may be helpful to choose the right flowers for the appropriate season.

Flowers available year around are: Alstroemerias, carnations, chrysanthemums, freesias, gerberas, lilies, orchids, and roses.

Flowers available in the Spring are: Anemones, hyacinths, lily of the valley, ranunculus, and tulips.

Flowers available in the Summer are: Campanulas, daisies, delphiniums, hydrangeas, peonies, phlox, roses, scabious, and sweet peas.

Flowers available in the Fall are: Chrysanthemums, dahlias, hydrangeas, anemones, asters, and scabious.

Flowers available in the Winter are: Irises.

I hope this information is helpful for you. If you have any questions Whole Blossoms Wholesale Flowers would love to help you, just go to www.wholeblossoms.com. We have wholesale flowers that are shipped within 24 hours after being cut from by the grower and shipped directly to your doorstep with FREE SHIPPING.  We also have discount prices with over hundreds of varieties to choose from.  Good luck on your wedding or planned event.

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