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7 Ways to Use Rose Petals during Your Wedding

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Rose petals are the classical wedding compliment. They’re absolutely vibrant and beautiful—soft and so alive. The rose has always been the universal representation of love. Here are some creative ways to incorporate organic, eco-friendly rose petals into your wedding decorations. Here are seven creative ways to use rose petals in your wedding plans.

1.   Showering them down the aisle – Nothing looks more like a dreamy fairy tale than to have a rose petal-covered aisle. From the moment the bride walks down the aisle till the transition of parent to husband, rose petals cushion their steps. Nothing pictures a commitment of love more beautifully.

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2.   Surrounding the stage area Arranging your rose petals around the stage area is a romantic way of exchanging vows. Use different colors from the assorted freeze dried selection to create a unique pattern that symbolizes the kind of love you two share.

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3.   Sprinkling on tables and centerpieces – By adding some lavender rose petals to your table and sprinkling some around the base of your centerpieces, you can create a scene from a royal wedding. Rose petals look good on guest sign in tables too.

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4.   Scattering on the couple after they say, I do – Get your photographer ready then have your guests have paper cups filled with pink and white rose petals. Create a beautiful shower of nature’s rose petals and enjoy the refreshing display.

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5.   Smothering your wedding cake – Next to the bride, the wedding cake is the most visual part of the wedding. Peach rose petals cascading around it, creating a beautiful pattern will make your cake come alive.

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6.   Sanctifying the props for photographs – Add some spice to your photographs by filling the ground with orange and yellow rose petals, creating a soft bed of curling petals, looking like fresh, fallen leaves.

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7.   Sensualize the hotel room – There isn’t a better way to top of your day of love with the perfect decoration of red rose petals. Top it off with beautiful black magic roses in the center.

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Create a more visual wedding with rose petals. Hopefully this gives you seven great ideas on how to use them in your wedding. Good luck with your wedding and planned event.

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