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Finding the Right Tulips – Top 7 Favorites

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Still searching for the perfect wedding flowers? Have you considered going with Tulips? Traditionally, tulips were popular, particularly in most of Europe and Holland. During the 17th century people were going crazy for them, popularly known as the Tulipomania.

Tulips are very popular in the springtime, and the third most popular flower next to the rose and chrysanthemum. If you are considering tulips it is good to be reminded of their incredible variety of colors, heights, and shapes. You also may want to consider their fresh fragrance, cheering up any celebration or festive occasion.

As usual, I took some time to study the most popular kinds of tulips and I came up with my Top 7 list of favorite tulips for weddings. Please browse through these most popular choices and see if you can find the right tulips for you.

  1. White Tulips – White is a symbol of purity, humility. I chose this tulip first because it seems to convey the traditional image of any marriage. When this variety is displayed, there seems to be an aura of honor resounding from wall to wall, from floor to ceiling. Enjoy the rich spender of their white beauty.

T - White

  1. Red Tulips – Red is a universal symbol of love and romance. If you decide to go with red alone, or combine with the purity of white, nothing but love it what is felt from this variety. Whenever I picture a bride and groom holding hands at the altar, I picture red flowers in the background.

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  1. Purple Tulips – Purple has always been a symbol of royalty. During biblical times, every king or someone of great wealth was adorned in purple. It was one of the most profitable colors of fabric sold in New Testament times.  As a wedding flower, I can imagine a royal princess surrounded by the love of her charming prince. You could even mix, red, white, and purple tulips.

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  1. Pink Tulips – Pink is also a color of love, but it is a bit quieter and says, I will never forget you.” Pink, red, white, and purple blend naturally together, but pink says it without words. Besides red, pink is a universal color of love and will fill any wedding attendance with love.

T- Pink

  1. Yellow Tulips – Yellow is the color of sunshine. It’s associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy. This variety of tulip will bring to life any wedding. Tulips are a spring flower and seem to portray the marriage of a young couple in the springtime of their lives. Yellow and orange make a nice compliment to each other.

T - Yellow

  1. Orange Tulips – Orange combines the happiness of yellow and the romance of red, displaying natural sunshine to all who partake of their beauty. Orange will make your wedding and reception feel warm, loved, and inviting.

T - Orange

  1. Assorted Tulips – Technically, assorted is not a color, but after studying the different colors of tulips, you may want to display some of each.

T - Assorted

Tulips are rather affordable, around $1.50 a stem. If you want to go a little fancier, French Tulips are a bit more but have longer stems and larger heads. Flowers are an amazing gift from nature to represent the love you want to honor. Once again, I hope this list is helpful. Please look at our website and choose from over hundreds of varieties of flowers. Good luck on your wedding or next planned event!


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