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My Top 7 List of Hydrangeas for any Wedding

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Weddings and Hydrangeas go together perfectly and can make any centerpiece, bouquet, and even cake toppers look amazing. Hydrangeas are extremely vigorous, providing blooms that offer varied and extravagant varieties throughout summer and into fall. Modern selections come in enticing shades of white, cream, pink, blue, and red, and in lace cap and oak leaf shapes as well as the familiar mop head. I love how these heads pop out and present themselves. I highly recommend hydrangeas for large wedding receptions. People will admire the full, richness of their presence. If you are considering them for your wedding, you may need help deciding which ones to use. To help make it easier for you I have come up with my lucky Top 7 List, once again. After comparing hundreds of hydrangeas I have narrowed down the most popular choices. I hope this list will help you make a better choice.

Assorted Hydrangeas – These flowers complement each other and can coordinate several color themes for your wedding. One example might be to have several sections of color, for instance, the blue table, the red table, the purple table, etc. Why limit your favorite color. Perhaps this sounds more like an idea from a guy, but I really think it will work.

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Lime Green Jumbo Hydrangeas – I don’t know what it is about green flowers but the more I look at them, the more I enjoy them. The lime-green shade makes me feel like being in the outdoors. Personally, I think they would look great in an outdoor wedding.

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Lavender Elite Hydrangeas – Two things come to mind when I look this variety, the sky and the ocean. Again, if you have an outdoor wedding under a clear blue sky, these flowers inspire love and romance. Even if you are inside, they still create such a joyful mood. People will not forget how good they feel with this variety. They almost inspire more poetry.



Berenjena Dark Purple Hydrangeas – This definitely look rich and bold. Perhaps the wedding couple is full of boldness; this will make their statement for them. Personally, they look classy and wealthy. Combine this variety with some white and you have a Hollywood reception. You can use this variety any way you choose, but with them, a night wedding will look sophisticated.



Green Antique Hydrangeas – When I see this variety, I think of softness. These fresh cut flowers will adorn a beautiful, blushing bride, dressed in white or pink. This reminds me of an early spring wedding and fanciful for that kind of moment.



White Wedding Hydrangeas – This is one of the most popular hydrangeas. The natural splendor of this variety makes it a classic. Whenever I imagine a bride walking down the aisle, this is the flower and variety I see. Straight from Ecuador or Colombia, it gives a woman a sense of virtue and honor with these in her display. This will definitely make it a keepsake.



Natural Blue Hydrangeas – Lastly on my list of top 7 hydrangeas is this particular variety. You can order it from pale to intense blue tones. It reminds me of happiness. Decorating with this variety will make your wedding event relaxed and happy. If your bridesmaids are in blue, they will look like the greatest compliment to the bride adorned with these.


There really is no right or wrong way to pick hydrangeas for your wedding and event; however, I hope this list gives you some insight as to what people are buying and what people think when these flowers

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