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7 Different Garden Roses that are sure to make a Beautiful Wedding

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The wedding season is just around the corner. An important decision is to choose what type of flowers would work best for your wedding decorations. We can help you in making this decision by sharing our personal list of Garden Roses, which are the perfect choice when it comes to wedding flowers. You might think why Garden Roses? Firstly, they have a unique charm when compared with the average roses. They have grown to be one of the prime choices for weddings thanks to their lush blooms, ruffled up petals genially resting in the middle of a neat swirling pattern — they look quite similar to peonies, but without the expensive cost!

Though they are available throughout the year, they are in their peak and an absolute delight for a summer wedding. We have been searched through numerous wedding flowers. After narrowing to garden flowers, we have come up with our top 7 list and we trust that we have selected the most delightful wedding flowers available at the moment:

  1. White Oharas are our first choice. These are creamy white roses, they resemble peonies. They look remarkable when the bride is in her creamy white dress. There beauty will leave you breathless! Every time they are spotted in a wedding one can’t help but to ask where they were purchased from. They are from Colombia and appear fresh and alive.

7 G 1

2. Campanella Cream similar to White Ohara, they also have a soft, creamy white exterior, but the layers appear somewhat fuller. In fact, White Oharas and Campanella Creams look magnificent together.

7 G 2

3. Green Hanna made our list as green is one of the favorite colors in wedding decor. If the bride is green eyed, or in case of outdoor weddings with lots of greens, then Green Hanna will be a superb choice. They are light green flowers and have about three to five blooms per stem, providing plenty of green for your special occasion.

7 G 3

4. David Austin Patience is a beautiful flower. We couldn’t have a top 7 list without this one. It is an English looking cream colored garden rose with a traditional button eye. What is special about this particular variety is the way its center stands out and makes an excellent contrast with every wedding dress.

7 G 4

5. Antique Carmel is our fifth choice because of its butterscotch, caramel color. This premium, fresh cut floral beauty gives a supple, antique touch to any wedding. The scent is also very appealing. We highly recommend this one.

7 G 5

6. Salmanazzar Pink Peach Peony comes with a pink tone that would remind you of a beautiful fairy-tail, where the prince took his bride and they lived happily ever after. You have to see it to believe it. The huge head appears like a cabbage and it sure to leave you mesmerized.

7 G 6

7. Cream-Orange Brulee before we finish, this variety has an orange tint that has an earth-tone. This sensational flower has a wavy pattern in its head. It is in fact a statement maker summer wedding flower.

7 G 7

No matter what flowers you select, if you are searching for a professional opinion, we suggest these top 7 Garden Roses.  When you think that it is now time to start selecting flowers, the good people at Whole Blossoms will love to help you in creating the perfect wedding. They have outstanding customer service with prices more reasonable then anyone. They will also help you in choosing alternate flowers, if the ones you are looking for are not available. Not only are they within your means, they are also extremely fresh. They are cut straight from the grower and sent directly to your door step. Their flowers are so marvelous they received a great review and a 5 star rating from Project Wedding. May your wedding bring you the most beautiful reminiscences with these stunning wedding flowers.

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