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What do You Know about Anemones?

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Anemones 101

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Are you searching for the perfect flower and getting ready for your next planned event or wedding? Sometimes there is no right or wrong flower but a matter preference as to what fits your needs or what fits your personality. The 101 series is a series of articles helping to educate everyone with the contrasts of various flowers. You may want to read the others in this series as well as many other helpful articles.

There are four things to keep in mind with anemones:

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  1. Anemones are cup-shaped flowers in rich jewel colors. The centers are pale green or black. A fresh anemone has a tight, clean center without pollen developing. The petals show good color and enclose together.
  2. Older anemones have pollinated centers. The petals are slightly faded in color and have become separated more from one another.
  3. Anemones will open in the light and in a heated environment, and close in the dark or in cooler temperatures. They will also curve or bend toward the light. Keep them in medium light and in a cooler spot to prolong life. Remember this also when arranging with anemones.
  4. The Japanese anemone is similar to the florist anemones seen in the other photos, but has smaller flowers and is available in shades of white and pink. This variety is the best choice for the garden, blooming in late summer to first frost. It also makes a good cut flower. Anemone coronaria or the florist anemone is not very hardy and has a short growing season, from about late April to mid-May.

Here is some additional information you may find helpful.

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Names – Anemone, Windflower

Varieties – Coronaria are the traditional florist anemones. Single, double, and semi double varieties are available. Anemone De Caen and Mona Lisa varieties, which are much taller and with larger flowers, were developed from this variety.

Colors – White, shades of pink and purple, magenta, and burgundy. The middles can be pale green or black.

Scent – None

Freshness – The flowers have clean, tight centers with no pollination. The petals have good solid color, and are close together, forming a cup shape.

Vase Life – 5 to 7 days. Keep in medium light and in a cool spot prolonging vase life.

Availability – Available as a cut flower December to May, but the season is primarily spring.

Cost – Winter—moderately expensive. Spring—moderately priced.

Meaning – To forsake

Note – Anemones are the flowers referred to as the “lilies of the field” in the Old Testament.

Arranging Tip – Japanese anemones are a hardier variety, with a longer blooming season. This is the best choice for the garden, and makes good cut flowers. Japanese anemones are available in whites and pinks.

Other – Anemones are heavy drinkers, so check the water level frequently.

Here are some specific varieties available that you may be interested in:

An - Wedding 1An - Wedding

Anemones are a great flower and will make any wedding or planned event shine. If you would like to order fresh anemones Whole Blossoms Wholesale Flowers would love to help you. Just go to their website at www.wholeblossoms.com and choose for hundreds of flower varieties. There is FREE SHIPPING on every order and wholesale flowers are three times fresher than flowers from the local florist.


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