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Some Unusual Choices To Try As Wedding Flowers Online

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Going the usual way is something that everyone does. Why not go the unusual way for your wedding and select some flowers that no one could ever think of as wedding flowers? If you are wondering what could be those choices as wedding flowers online or from a usual flower store, then have a look at them and see for yourself –

Chocolate cosmos

These deep velvety flowers, characterized their deep, burgundy blooms and a dark chocolaty fragrance comes across as the first name in the list. They have grown in popularity over the recent past as they can be easily arranged with other flowers. They have been widely used for bouquets and centrepieces. Whether you are looking to impress your guests with a unique, irresistible fragrance, or get rid of the hassle of running everywhere in search of wholesale flowers online, these flowers can do the trick for you! The best part is that you can get them delivered right at your doorstep from someone like Whole Blossoms throughout the year.


Another great choice as a wedding flower can be freesias. When you talk about vase arrangement, this is the first floral name that comes on top of the list. What makes this bloom so popular is the fact that it is highly colourful and cheerful in appearance. With its sweet and subtle fragrance, it fits easily within every wedding setup, making it just the perfect choice for almost every wedding theme. And, that’s the reason why it so popular amongst floral decorators for weddings. If you want to spell bind people with mesmeric beauty, then choosing freesia as your wedding flower can be just the perfect idea.


Also known as bluebottle, these blooms make the best choice as boutonniere flower. The other varieties like cyani, and bachelor’s button, make a great wedding flower because of their blue-purple hue, blended with soft petals. The fact that it is the national flower of Germany makes it even more popular as the choice for wedding flowers online. More often than not these are used as table centrepieces and fillers, but you can use them just the way you want for the event!

Talking about unusual choices as flowers, you can get some of the craziest and most beautiful looking wholesale wedding flowers at Whole Blossoms. Just take at look at the website and see what all you can get here!

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