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11 Flower Buying and Care Tips

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Flower Buying

Here are 11 helpful hints to keep in mind when buying flowers and their prolonged care before a wedding or special event.

  1. A commercial flower food will prolong to life of cut flowers. Sugar, sparkling lemon-lime sodas, or aspirin added to the water will also keep the flowers healthier longer.
  2. If you are using flowers from your own garden, they may not last as long as commercially grown flowers. Garden flowers, like bought flowers, should stay in fresh water before use.
  3. Make sure that any containers used for soaking flowers are clean and bacteria-free. Rinse them with water containing a little bleach before using.
  4. Look for bright yellow stamens on lilies; old lilies (of all varieties) have dark stamens.
  5. Make sure lily stamens are removed; their pollen stains anything it touches bright orange.
  6. Spray table arrangements with water to keep them fresh and the oasis moist.
  7. Keep all finished arrangements somewhere cool and dark, but don’t be tempted to store any flowers, including boutonnieres and corsages, in the fridge.
  8. The length of a teardrop bouquet should be tailored to the height of the bride: the taller the bride, the longer the bouquet can be. For petite bride, a tied bunch is probably more flattering.
  9. For pinning boutonnieres to lapels, use pearl-headed pins, which look more special than normal straight pins.
  10. Some of the longest-lasting flowers are chrysanthemums, carnations, orchids, roses, tulips, and calla lilies. Sweet peas and poppy anemones, though beautiful, have a short life once cut.
  11. Prices of exotic flowers such as callas and orchids can rise markedly during the peak wedding months (May to July), or if supplies are low. If you’re on a budget, go for the flowers less prone to fluctuations in price, such as roses and carnations.

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