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How To Use Carnation Flowers To Decorate A Wedding Reception

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Carnations have an undeniable beauty but are used less and have gotten a sort of bad reputation among other wedding flowers. This is because they are inexpensive and people tend to think that inexpensive things are in retrospect cheap. But, when we talk about carnations, it’s high time that such a mentality is grown out of the window. Carnations are beautiful and functional. Using them in your wedding will probably be the best decision you make. There are many brides who think twice before ordering these flowers, but the truth is carnations are literally called ‘The flower of Gods’ for both a scientific and religious reason. This beautiful flower should not be rejected just on the basis of how affordable it is. This should be more than enough to convince you to use carnations everywhere at your wedding. But we’d also like to give you some tips and ideas, so let’s start with getting to know this flower.

The beauty of Carnations

Carnations have been in our history for a long time. Also known by their botanical name Dianthus Caryophyllus is native to the Mediterranean region but its exact origin remains unknown to date. It is because this flower has been extensively cultivated in the last 2,000 years and has been a favorite of many. They express love, fascination, and distinction; however, they are also considered the symbol of a mother’s unending love because of a legend that says when Jesus carried the cross, Mary cried and wherever her tears fell a carnation would pop up. These are obviously great stories to hear. But apart from this symbolism, honestly carnations are just the best when it comes to giving them as gifts. Using them in events especially like weddings is also great because the uses for these flowers are endless. Moreover, since they are available all year round you can find them no matter what. So, make sure to think twice before you say no if your event planner or floral designer suggests using carnations in the décor.

carnation flower arrangement

Using carnations at a wedding reception

If you’re an event planner or a floral designer yourself or even a do it yourself bride we compel you to use these beautiful flowers in your wedding décor. Carnation flowers come in a plethora of colors. From white carnations to pretty pink ones. White carnations are perfect for brides who’d rather keep it simple and lowkey. A white bouquet at such times is the classiest and the best choice. If you’re not a fan of the single color look don’t worry, carnations come in every imaginable color, and there are many bi-color varieties too. There are even mini carnations available for events and weddings. These mini carnations are honestly a floral designers dream. Working with them is absolutely magic especially since they are so strong and sturdy. Carnations have a-commendable vase life when it comes to that too. There are many easy to create flower settings made from mini carnations that look whimsical and gorgeous. They are best used when paired with bigger flowers. The floral design created by that is out of this world. Imagine holding a beautiful Bouquet that has peonies, garden roses, and mini carnations. That bouquet will be an instant hit. Carnations are eye-catching flowers, and it’s time to change our opinions about them. The best thing you could do with a carnation is Male it a star of your centerpiece. Yellow carnations look lovely at a summer wedding. Barn or farm weddings can also benefit with the bright summery colors that carnation comes in. Carnations also come in beautiful red colors, and the deep red carnation denotes love and affection. What better flower to use at your wedding? Red is a popular color choice when it comes to flowers for weddings. It’s a romantic color that pairs elegantly with the bride’s white dress. A bouquet of red carnations is not only beautiful but also stunningly eye-catching. The splash of that dark red against the white dress is a thing of beauty. And although this look can be recreated by roses, it’s best to try something new and different. We highly suggest that you use carnations along the wedding aisle and the wedding arch. The whole wedding arch can be covered in these beautiful flowers. For brides going the timeless way, there’s nothing better than a white wedding arch user which you can take your vows. Use carnations to line the wedding aisle for your dramatic entry. If you’re feeling brave enough, give bicolor carnations a try too!

Bulk Carnations

Where to buy best carnations from

Carnations are lovely flowers that are available year-round. That’s one thing which is great about them. It means that whenever you decide to purchase your blooms, there’s an assurance that they are fresh and seasonal. After all, flowers that are in season are generally more fresh and affordable. But that’s not something we have to worry about when it comes to carnations. These easy to use flowers are already very reasonable. The amazing thing is that they can be used everywhere from centerpieces to the bridal bouquet and the wedding altar. For the production of that size, you will need to buy them in bulk. It’s best if you opt to go with some wholesaler instead of running around town from florist to florist. Buying wholesale flowers online is also a great way of saving tons of money on the flower budget. In fact, Whole Blossoms is a highly renowned online cut flower wholesaler that can cater to all your fresh flower needs. They even have a fantastic 24/7 hour delivery system which is a luxury for wedding planners floral designers and even do it yourself brides. They come highly recommended from our side mainly because they are a trusted online shop. Their delivery is swift, and they have an easy to navigate website that has everything from cut flowers and greenery to wreaths and succulents.

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