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Making a Tropical Wedding with Birds of Paradise

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Flowers are a significant part of any event, be it a birthday party or a wedding ceremony. It is wonderful how flowers can make drastic changes and embellish the room with their beauty and simplicity. Even just a small bunch of flowers if put into a vase or tucked into a corner of the room can make a remarkable impact with their aesthetic appeal and fragrance. This is one of the reasons why flower arrangements are an essential part of celebratory functions and events. Flowers are beautiful and add significance and an aroma to the place.

Flowers and flower arrangements are a very special part of a wedding. They can be found everywhere, from flower creations for the centerpieces to the wedding bouquet and flower petals being showered on the bride as she walks down the aisle. Flowers add color, texture, sentiment, and momentousness to the event.  Flowers set the mood for a wedding with their beauty, elegance, and simplistic style. They are the most beautiful form of expression and add an element of design.

When planning your wedding, finding the right wedding planner is one of the most important steps, and the second most important step is choosing the right decorators for your wedding decorations. Then you have to take into account the pricing, the colors and combinations, and the type of flowers you want at your wedding. But the results are worth the hassle, always. A wedding celebration without beautiful flower decorations is like a cake without icing.

Birds of Paradise are one of the most popular choices of plants for commercial and residential landscapes. These beautiful, exotic plants originate from South Africa and are called as such because once these flowers have bloomed they tend to look like birds in flight. These flowers take up to two years to mature, and only then do they bloom. When it comes to tropical weddings, Birds of Paradise are usually the first choice. These flowers are rich in color; they are vibrant and striking in their various color combinations. The flower itself is a beautiful contrast to the evergreen stalks and leaves surrounding the flower once it has completely bloomed.

Birds of Paradise represent joyfulness and the concept of paradise itself. Birds of Paradise are also known as Crane Flowers. They have a distinctive look to them than most other flowers and they are spectacularly shaped like a bird’s beak and plumage.

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A wedding has a special meaning for the bride, groom, and their friends and family. When flower arrangements become a part of your wedding, heartfelt feelings shared by everyone are enhanced, and feelings of joy and celebration are magnified. With the right choices in attire, food menu, decorations and embellishments, you can make your guests feel like they’ve been transported to a wedding destination akin to paradise. And what better to get a feel of paradise on your big day than to include Birds of Paradise flower arrangements as a part of wedding decorations?

Birds of Paradise are vibrant and colorful flowers that are an excellent choice for a tropical wedding. They usually bloom in the months between September and May, and these exquisite purple and orange birds of paradise are related to the banana and heliconia.

Birds of paradise symbolize joyfulness and are associated with magnificence. They add magic to your tropical wedding. They are also said to be a beautiful representation of the feelings of anticipation, which are undoubtedly one of the most prevalent feelings at a wedding ceremony. Birds of paradise are eye-catching flowers. Once you put the centerpieces made from birds of paradise on the tables, there is no chance that your guests won’t exclaim in appreciation over their beauty and vibrant simplicity. When these flowers are made into flower arrangements combined with other color rich flowers like orchids, they look even more graceful and elegant and complement the remarkably outstanding aura of a tropical wedding.

Birds of Paradise can grow up to five feet tall and can be found in colors such as white, orange, red, pink, and yellow. Beach weddings often give off the vibe of effortlessness and a relaxed atmosphere, and birds of Paradise complement the look and vibe of a tropical wedding with their simplicity and natural elegance.

Birds of Paradise are beautiful flowers that can grow indoors as well as outdoors. They are not only suitable to be part of the wedding ceremony, but they can also be used in room decorations, giving them a colorful and cheery feel. These flowers are not nearly as delicate as most roses and tulips, which is why it is easier for them to survive different outdoor climates and complicated flower arrangements.

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In most tropical weddings, birds of paradise are the flower of choice since they add natural elegance to the scene, and balance the lack of fancy decorations and chandeliers in tropical weddings with their vibrancy and magnificence. Birds of Paradise are known for their use in tropical floral settings. These flowers lack balance and usually fall over when putting into a vase, so their stark green stems are tied together at the bottom to keep them from falling over. The plants are heavy and large, so these flowers are always at the center of the arrangement, ready to steal the show with their stunning beauty and psychedelic grace.

Birds of Paradise are a perfect choice for your tropical wedding because they insinuate the feelings of joy and anticipation and their combination of vibrant and colorful petals bring beauty and splendor to your wedding ceremony. They usually do not complement any particular scenery and go with all types of outdoor tropical wedding sceneries. They make fantastic flower arrangements and add elegance to the entire event.

Once these flowers have bloomed, it’s a good idea to cut their stems as far back as possible to that they could grow back stronger and fresher. These plants demand proper care, and all of their old and dead leaves must be quickly removed to make way for newer leaves. You can orders these flowers in bulk online from a number of online expert florists.

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