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What do You Know about Agapanthus?

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Agapanthus 101

Aga - Title

Are you searching for the perfect flower and getting ready for your next planned event or wedding? Sometimes there is no right or wrong flower but a matter preference as to what fits your needs or what fits your personality. The 101 series is a series of articles helping to educate everyone with the contrasts of various flowers. You may want to read the others in this series as well as many other helpful articles.

There are four basic things to remember about agapanthus:

Aga - 1Aga - 2

  1. Agapanthuses are tall, with round clusters of lily-shaped flowers atop thick, dark-green stems. The stem is usually one to three feet in length. A fresh agapanthus has one-third of its blossoms opening, with the rest in bud stage. The blossoms turn upward. If you shake the flower gently, the blossoms will not drop.
  2. When older agapanthuses have dropped some flowers, the small bare stems within the flower clusters indicated this. Some of the blossoms may also be dried out or discolored. The flowers drop more profusely with age, and appear to turn downward.
  3. When the flowers drop, keep the small, bare stems cut back at the base of the cluster to help the other blossoms open. Stems and spent blossoms that are not cut back inhibit the others from opening.
  4. Agapanthus cut very short, two or three inches below the base of the cluster, are tucked into a bouquet so that just the flowers are revealed. This gives an exotic flower a sweeter, more old-fashioned appearance.

Here are some facts about agapanthus:

Aga - 3Aga - 4
Names Agapanthus, African lily, Lily of the Nile.

Colors – Shades of light blue to deep purple-blue, and the more uncommon white.

Scent – None

Freshness – About one-third of the blossoms are opening, with the open blossoms slightly turned upward. The flowers and buds do not drop when handled. (However, some of the open flowers will drop before the blossoms are open.)

Vase Life – 7 to 10 days, or longer

Availability – All year, but the predominant season is summer. Bulbs are available late winter to early spring.

Cost – Moderately expensive

Meaning – Agapanthus means “love flower” in Greek

Arranging Tip – These exotic flowers make such a statement that just a few stems are impressive alone. Agapanthus can also be cut very short and used in mixed arrangements, taking on a more old-fashioned appearance.

Growing Tip – This flower can be grown indoors much like the amaryllis, but blooms in the summer.

Here is a list of varieties you may be interested in:

Aga - Wedding 1Aga - Wedding 2Aga - Wedding 3

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