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Once you have taken one of the most important decisions of your life, you can start thinking about all the details for your big day, and one important question is where to buy fresh cut flowers. Don’t worry, let Whole Blossoms help you and become your friend for that important day.
Your wedding day should be probably one of the most important days of your life, and of course, we can imagine all the pressure you are going to have on your shoulders. This is not a matter of experts, on the opposite side, you have to be yourself and let your imagination flies.

You will have a complete universe of options, and your flowers have great importance here because you can either go to the supermarket and get the first flowers you see, or you can opt to quality bulk flowers that will amaze all of your guests.

Choosing the best flowers can make the difference in your wedding, this day every single detail matters. When deciding for bulk flowers, you can make sure your flowers will have a longer vase life, they are fresh cut and gets to you directly from the farm, so besides of being cheaper, this is the best option speaking about freshness and quality.

A perfect wedding is a fairytale, and of course, you don’t want it to become a nightmare. That’s why you have to pay special attention to your wedding flowers. Your guests will feel the scent, will see the radiant colors, and will feel the freshness of your flowers. Those are the details they will keep in their minds about your wedding day.

It is important that you care about all those little details, but it can’t be a headache for you. You have to keep in mind that if you know the quality of your flowers everything will be ok. That’s why we offer you the best flowers, farm-direct fresh cut wholesale flowers for your most important events.

Wholesale Flowers Online

We offer high quality, bulk flowers at lower prices since our online, wholesale flower business model enables us to cut out the middlemen in the traditional floral distribution channel that translates into longer vase life and lower prices. Our commitment to you is to provide the highest quality fresh cut flowers, bouquets, greens, fillers, and foliage, when you need them, how you want them, and at a price, you can afford.

Your fresh cut wholesale flowers ship directly from the farm bringing you additional days of floral vase life. Choose from a wider variety of blossoms and create the exact centerpiece and bouquet that perfectly suits your event planning needs. If you are planning a wedding and have questions related to our products, delivery, flowers that are not listed on our site, seasonal flowers, or if there is a particular flower variety you are looking for, we may be able to find it for you through our extended network of floral farms around the world.

You can always contact us at www.wholeblossoms.com. Our floral specialists are here to assist and help answer any questions you may have.


Once you have evaluated all of your options when talking about buying wholesale flowers, we are sure you know now that the best option is to order them online. The process is really simple, you only have to take some preparation since flowers are a perishable product, but besides that, the experience is like getting any other product, you just have to pick the best product of your choice, add it to your shopping cart and that’s it, you will have the flowers on your door the date you selected.


This is the most important question that you need to answer when ordering your flowers because this can be the difference between having the best experience or becoming a nightmare. At www.wholeblossoms.com, we care, and because of that, we give you more to enhance your shopping experience.

Floral Distribution Channel - WholeBlossoms

  • FRESHER FLOWERS: At Whole Blossoms, flowers are cut within 24 hours prior to delivery. Thus, your fresh cut flowers will have a longer vase life than those purchased at a local supermarket, local flower wholesaler, or florist.
  • MAXIMUM VASE LIFE WITH COLD CHAIN MANAGEMENT: Our flowers travel through cold chain management while in transit from the farm which promotes flower quality and vase life. This also helps to ensure that you receive all your flowers and they do not suffer damage due to drastic changes in temperature.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE PROFESSIONAL TEAM SERVICE: Whole Blossoms farms ensure that only the freshest flowers are harvested selected for every order.
  • REPLACEMENT OF FLOWERS DUE TO QUALITY ISSUES: Having quality issues with our flowers is very rare since Whole Blossoms only partners with farms that meet the utmost quality standards. Flowers are cut prior to delivery, and travel cold when coming from overseas or are overnighted when connected domestically. Nevertheless, there is less than 1% probability that bulk flowers may develop illnesses like botrytis while in transit or could also suffer hypothermia when drastic changes of temperature occur. This is something that cannot be controlled by our farms since these issues occur while flowers are in transit. If you have a quality issue with your flowers, please contact us immediately after receiving your flowers. After evaluating your photos, the replacement product will be overnighted. If time does not allow to overnight flowers, a refund will be given for the exact number of stems showing an issue.


A stunning and elaborate dinner set

  • FREE SHIPPING: on orders delivered within the continental US. Please note that surcharges apply for rush orders, and orders to be shipped outside the continental US.
  • FREE ADVICE AND FLORAL CONSULTATION: Via email, chat and over the phone, we help you choose your wedding and event flowers. We help thousands of brides, event planners and florists across the US and Canada on a daily basis to select the right mix of flowers for your most important celebrations.
  • FREE SIGNATURE REQUEST ON SHIPMENTS: We ensure you receive your flowers! All flowers delivered by Whole Blossoms have a signature request upon delivery to ensure that you have received your flowers and they do not sit unattended by your door.
  • FREE TRACKING ON YOUR ORDER STATUS: Whole Blossoms works assiduously with a dedicated team of logistic professionals to ensure that you know the status of your order while in transit. We track your orders on your behalf.
  • NO ADDITIONAL FEES TO PLACE ORDERS OVER THE PHONE: If you prefer to place your order over the phone our floral representatives will be happy to assist you at no additional cost to you!
  • FLOWER ARRANGEMENTS CONSULTATION WITH A CERTIFIED FLORIST: For purchases of over $2500 in flowers, Whole Blossoms gives you 30 minutes of consultation with a professional florist over the phone. This consultation costs $100 to $200 dollars at local florists and it is provided to you at no additional cost!
  • FREE DOLLARS FOR FUTURE PURCHASES: Accumulate points for every dollar spent that can be redeemed for future purchases of family and friends that will be getting married within 12 months of your order placement. Call for details.
  • EXTRA VALUE FOR PRODUCT SUBSTITUTIONS: Substitution of flowers may be needed due to low productivity of certain flower varieties at certain times of the year. This may happen due to drastic weather changes or last minute issues that are out of our control. If the farm identifies issues on flowers when they are being ready to be packed, a specific flower variety may become unavailable at the last minute. If this happens to your order, Whole Blossoms will work quickly to offer a few options that may work as a substitution for your order. In the event that this will happen to your order, Whole Blossoms has always offered and will keep offering an upgrade or additional stems at no additional cost to you due to the inconvenience.
  • WHOLE BLOSSOMS REWARD PROGRAM: Excellent prices for retailers, churches, and local wholesalers are offered! For event planners, florist, schools, government institutions and businesses that need large orders, or for those who need flowers on a weekly, monthly or bi-monthly basis, you are welcome to join our reward program that helps you accumulate extra points for future orders!
  • RUSH ORDERS: Do you need a last minute order, your local florist or wholesaler failed to deliver as promised? WholeBlossoms.com will try to accommodate your order and ensure that you receive the flowers needed. We have your back!
  • FREE CUSTOMIZATION ON ORDERS: If you need a mixed box of flowers, would like a midst of colors for your order or need a flower that is not listed on our website, we will do our best to customize your order to fit your flower needs! Call us for information on customized orders.
  • SPECIAL OFFERS: By registering from WholeBlossoms.com, you will be among the first to hear of upcoming specials and receive exclusive offers through our newsletter which are designed to help you save.
  • WHOLESALE FLOWERS AT COMPETITIVE PRICES: Whole Blossoms provides you with premium, fresh cut wholesale flowers at prices lower than flowers offered online or in local markets. At Whole Blossoms, you pay less for better quality wholesale flowers. Whole Blossoms is able to offer low prices since bypass the importer, the wholesaler, and the retailer from the floral distribution channel thereby passing on the savings to you.

You can always find a florist expert willing to help you with all your floral needs at Whole Blossoms let us help you and give you the best memories for your special occasion.


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