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Fantastic Wedding Flowers For Winter Weddings

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Winter Wedding Flowers

Even though we are almost towards the end of the holiday season, now is a very good time to start planning a winter wedding. At Whole Blossoms, we have our top 5 Wedding Flowers that we highly recommend.  The fascinating thing about flowers is the way brides have been able to incorporate them into their weddings through: Bridal Bouquets, Wedding Centerpieces, corsages, boutonnieres, and so much more.

We have been working with brides for many years now and have listened to them as they gave us all their feedback and learned from experience what seems to work best and make everyone happy. Here are our top five and although there really no bad varieties, depending on your personality, these are by far the most popular.


Peonies are extremely desired by brides because of their larger head sizes. They are much larger than Garden Roses and can be very beneficial. They are lush and soft and have traditionally been thought to bring luck to the newlyweds. In just a few easy clicks, Whole Blossoms can send you Wholesale Flowers right to your doorstep. They are fresh cut right out of the farms, packed, then shipped directly to your home, or wherever you need them delivered.

We have many different varieties to choose from. Check our selection of Peonies. We have the following varieties:

  • Blush Peonies
  • Sarah Bernhardt Pink Peonies
  • White Peonies
  • Pink Peony Wedding Flowers
  • Festiva Maxima Peonies
  • Peony Flower Hot Pink Fuchsia
  • Coral Peonies
  • Dark Red Peonies
  • Light Pink Peonies
  • Assorted Peonies
  • Salmon Peonies
  • Red Peonies
Peonies wedding Flowers

Spider Mums

Spider Mums, which are also known as Chrysanthemum Flowers, are also a top pick for brides. It has a large head and can easily serve as a focal flower. They are perfect for those couples who are trying to watch their budgets. They are highly recommended for centerpieces and bouquets. We also have several varieties and colors to select from, such as:

  • Green Button Poms Flower Yoko Onos
  • Daisy Pom Flower White
  • Yellow Button Poms Flower
  • Chrysanthemum Cushion Pom Purple Fuchsia Flower
  • Cushion Pom Chrysanthemum White Flowers
  • Yellow Chrysanthemum
  • Pink Purple Chrysanthemum
  • Lavender Chrysanthemum
  • Red Spider Mums
  • Tinted Blue Spider Mums
  • Hot Pink Spider Mums

We have quite of selection with several variations to give you a wider range when preparing  for your wedding or special event.


Dahlias are extremely glamorous and are a great selection to become the focal point of your bouquet or centerpieces. They have a very long growing season, making them more affordable than a lot of other flower varieties. You can do a lot with them and really make some amazing flower arrangements. We have several varieties to choose from:

  • Burgundy Dahlia Flower
  • White Dahlia Flower
  • Light Pink Lavender Dahlia Flower
  • Purple Dahlia Flower
  • Red Dahlia Flowers
  • Bicolor Orange Yellow Dahlia Crown
  • Chocolate Dahlia Flower
  • Red Orange Tomato Dahlia Irene
  • Yellow Dahlia Flower
  • Bicolor Red Yellow Dahlia Flower Sangria

We have many other selections and some more beautiful bicolor selections as well.

Dahlia Wedding Bouquet


Sunflowers may not be the very first thing you might think of with wedding flowers, but they are a popular choice and another top on our list. In the summer we really sell a lot of them as they are the perfect summer flower. One thing you might want to keep in mind is that they pair up perfectly with dahlias. If you are in a sunny location, you will really enjoy how they brighten up the wedding or special event. We also have some different varieties to choose from.

  • Teddy Bear Sunflower
  • Red Sunflower Tinted
  • Sunflowers Mini Yellow Green Center
  • Mini Sunflowers With Dark Center
  • Bicolor Sunflower Orange and Yellow
  • Chocolate Sunflower
  • Sunflower Wedding Centerpieces.
Sunflowers Wedding Bouquet

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera Daisies are flowers that are known for all seasons and are selected from our website year around. They really look incredible and will allow you to create a natural looking bouquet. We also have several varieties to choose from:

  • White Gerbera Daisy Flower Dark Center
  • White Gerbera Daisy Flower Light Center
  • Orange Gerbera Flower Dark Center
  • Hot Pink Gerbera Daisies
  • Pink Gerbera Daisies with Dark Center
  • Peach Gerberas
  • Red Gerbera Daisies
Gerbera Daisies Wedding Flowers

We also have many more options to consider.

At Whole Blossoms we have over 3,000 varieties and our catalogue is growing monthly. If there is a type that you are looking for and can’t find it, let us help you find it. Check us out www.wholeblossoms.com or give us a call at: 1-877-259-2566.

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