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Just Getting Engaged? Part #1

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Engagement Bouquet

The holidays are now past us and it’s time to focus on what is important; your wedding plans. You may be putting away all your decorations and getting back into your normal work mode, but your wedding may soon be approaching. According to Wedding Wire, Christmas Day is the number one day in the United States to get engaged. This is an exciting time and now the planning begins.

There are many different ways to cut the costs and we at Whole Blossoms wants to help. We have over 3,000 varieties of Wholesale Flowers to choose from.  Wedding Flowers are an important part of the wedding and have the ability immortalize the moment and bring life to the bride, the bridesmaids, the groom, the wedding tables, the church or wherever the ceremony is decided upon.

What kind of flowers are you looking for? We have everything from traditional to Tropical Flowers. If you are having a winter wedding, there are plenty of ideas, if you are shooting for spring, we have lovely pastel colors from Roses, Carnations , Tulips and even Spray Roses that will make your even a defining moment.

A really good variety we recommend is Lavender Alstroemeria or purple Alstroemeria. These varieties and colors have great look for transitional winter and spring weddings, or spring weddings. They also have subtil patterns on the petals that allure the eyes, but not steal glory away from the bride. You can also make great boutonnieres with them as well. If you wish to create centerpieces or bouquets with this variety, they provide an excellent backdrop to focal flowers.

Lavender Alstroemeria Flowers

Another good variety is Amaryllis. Orange Amaryllis is a wonderful selection with Baby’s Breath. You will be sure to dazzle the event. This is an impressive flower that has five trumpet-shaped blooms that opens on top of an extra long stalk. This variety may be a good choice for spring, but may also be considered for a summer wedding also.

For further consideration, we recommend Purple Anemones, which according to Greek mythology, has two legends. One legend is that they sprang up from the blood of Adonis, who was lover of Aphrodite. This name also means, windflower, which is believed to be named after Zephyrus, the god of wind. It is also a relative of the peony and ranunculus. We have several other colorful options to choose from and this one is a versatile flower that can serve as focal flower, or a very good companion flower in bouquet or centerpiece.

Purple Anemones for engagement

This variety is particularly enhancing for any season, this variety is none other than Pink Bouvardia. Its perfect for a classic wedding and can used for an exciting bridal bouquet. It has a slight scent and its full of star-shaped blossoms. We recommend this variety along with Stephanotis as they complement each other really well.

Another preferred variety is White Calla Lilies. This is a trumpet-shaped blossom that originated in Africa. It was a symbol of magnificent beauty for the Victorians. They have a feminine charm that makes it very attractive for a bride on her wedding day. It also has a strong, sturdy stem that makes it perfect for additional height in a centerpiece.

If you are looking for a flower that can be used both in winter and spring weddings, we recommend Bi-color White-Red Carnation. This variety is long-lasting and can be a very wise selection for weddings. It has a ruffled-looking head that makes it ideal for fuller bouquets and centerpieces. Remember that the stems are thinner, so centerpieces are highly recommended. This is also an historic variety that was highly chosen by the ancient Greeks to make ceremonial crowns. There are over 300 species of carnations and we have many of them.

Yellow Chrysanthemums are also a pretty good selection if are in the mood for a spring wedding. This is a long-lasting variety that has been cultivated in the Middle East for over 2,500 years. It may not have a strong fragrance, but it certainly has bold colors. It has an amazing appeal when assembled in mass amounts in a centerpiece.

Finally, you might consider dark Pink Cornflower. According to lore, if a maiden placed some of this beneath her dress, she could have any bachelor she desired, which is probably how it got its nickname, bachelor button. This is a great variety for an inexpensive or a casual wedding. It also makes very nice boutonnieres. A little bit of this variety makes great additions for centerpieces.

Pink Cornflower for Engagement Bouquet

There are many other varieties and next week we will continue this blog. Please use this for reference if you are looking for some flower varieties that are possibilities for you and your wedding. Please visit our website www.wholeblossoms.com, or give us a call at: 1-877-259-2566.

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