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How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost

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How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost

Flowers contribute to being an integral part of a wedding. It plays a crucial role in conferring a beautiful ambiance at the wedding. Estimation reveals that 8% of the total budget involves wedding flowers. This, however, depends exclusively on the flower, you are using. While some wedding restricts the budget within $200, some of the weddings have a spend of $20,000. Here is a list of those flower items along with their average cost:

Bridal Bouquet

Bridal bouquet contributes to being an integral part of the wedding. The average cost for a bridal bouquet ranges from $70 to $300.

Flowers & Petals

Flowers and petals are a must for decorating the wedding venue. The average cost of flowers and petals, required for decoration may range from $100-$200.

Bridesmaid Bouquets

The bridesmaid bouquet contributes to being an essential part of the wedding. The average cost is within the range of $35-$70.

Reception Decor

It is a must to decorate the reception with the right and beautiful flower. The occasion  is the first time your guests will meet you post wedding. Thus, it represents your taste and style statement. The average cost for decorating the reception is usually within $700 to $1200.

Wedding Ceremony Decor

The wedding happens to be a red lettered day in your life as you are going to enter a new phase of life. Flowers are important for decorating the venue of the wedding ceremony. The average cost for decorating the venue of the ceremony is $375-$950.

Wedding Ceremony Decor



Corsages are the small bouquet of flowers that are worn by a woman around the wrist or on the dress during the wedding ceremony. The average cost for these corsages is generally in the range of $15-$40 each.


Boutonnieres are flower decorations that men wore during the wedding. It is usually bud or a single flower. They are generally worn with formal dresses during the wedding. The Boutonnieres cost $10-$20 each on an average.

It is good to keep the wedding flowers on a low budget. This helps in reducing the cost of a wedding in a perfect manner. Here are few tips that can help you to decrease the average cost of flowers during wedding:


Using fewer flowers in the centerpieces help in cutting down the cost.

Go for affordable flowers

You can choose the daisy or similar flower at low cost for reducing the wedding venue.

Do It Yourself

You can pick some of the flowers yourself in the morning of your wedding. You can hand over this task to a friend so that you do not have to worry about it.

Choose seasonal flowers

Seasonal flowers happen to be the best option for decorating the wedding venue without cutting a hole in your pocket. If you are considering the wedding in the spring, you can use tulip for decoration purpose.

Smaller Bouquets

You can choose smaller bouquets for the bridesmaid for a budget wedding. A big elegant daisy or a beautiful calla lily can also be carried instead of bouquets.

Smaller Bouquets

A florist has the prerequisite idea what will be the best flower for your wedding within the specified budget. So, you should trust their style and let them decide on the

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