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10 Wedding Flower Mistakes To Avoid In Wedding Planning

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Wedding Flower Mistakes To Avoid

1> No Advance Planning:

  • Planning is an integral part of any project you undertake.
  • If you start implementation before planning what you actually want to have on your wedding day, then you’ll definitely end up in a mess.
  • You need to nail down your penchants on a piece of paper, to organize your things well!

2> Budgetary Control:

  • Don’t be miser on the most special day of your life!
  • Flowers can either be too expensive or can be affordable. However you first have to make a thorough research on the kind of flowers available.
  • You can also hire a florist in advance to plan out the arrangements, to estimate how and what kind of flowers would be needed and to make a rough estimate of budgets.

3> Late Ordering Of Flowers:

  • In case if you are thinking that if you order your flowers late, then it would be monetarily beneficial for you, then give it another thought!
  • Flowers are brought to the desired destinations from round the world, and it takes time to fulfill your flowery needs ranging from growing them to transferring them.
  • It is highly suggested that you order your flowers around 2 months prior to your wedding day as the more naturally they are grown more affordable will be your bill and vice versa!

4> Avoiding Expensive Blooms:

  • When the word expensive is paired with a commodity, usually the first and final decision is said to be a big NO!
  • However, it is to be understood that expensive blooms usually cover a huge area, along with their extraordinary beauty they tend to make the area fuller.
  • Therefore pricey flowers can give you a better deal when it comes to a reasonable flower decoration with class!

5> Blooms With A Strong Scent:

  • Alright, we understand that a fragrant room can give an enigmatic touch to your wedding celebrations; however it won’t be a good idea for people suffering from allergies!
  • If you don’t want to transform your wedding hall into a hall of sneezing patients you definitely don’t want to go for scented blooms!
  • Opt for something that is beautiful and not strongly scented, as the perfumes are quite enough to fulfill your fragrance desires.

6> Paying Attention To ONLY Flowers And Not The Guests:

  • Well, flowers do add to the beauty of the place, however are you willing to pay for the hall to occupy it completely with flowers instead of the guests?
  • Well here you should take a serious note on the limit you have to set on the flower arrangements that would be occupying the space.
  • Better arrange the flowers in a sophisticated manner that does not put the guest in an awkward situation by adjusting themselves to make way for the flowers!

7> Being Stubborn For A Particular Flower Type:

  • Most brides get deeply attached to a particular flower type, which is definitely not good for their decoration!
  • Your preference of some fixed variety of flowers, would definitely disturb the florist in creating something which he planned as per your theme.
  • Stubbornness over the choice of colors is also not advised.

8> Trusting DIY:

  • We understand that DIYs surely save your pockets from being burnt, however DIYs in your own wedding may not be the smartest idea!
  • It’s best to keep yourself free and to delegate DIY tasks to your friends or family members.
  • Along with the wastage of time, energy and off course the flowers, you also end up getting swamped with extra responsibility.

9> Big Bouquets:

  • Larger the Better? Well in this situation this phrase would surely make you fall into a quagmire of mismanagement.
  • Firstly the huge bouquet won’t be easy to hold while managing your super heavy and fancy bridal dress.
  • Secondly, you won’t be pleased to look at your wedding pictures, as the dress for which you invested thousands of bucks would be all hidden behind the huge bouquet.

10> Uncared Blooms:

  • Being the star of the show is definitely a time when you need to put your care to the highest priority, however dead flowers can surely ruin your wedding bliss no matter how much you bloom after putting on that exotic makeup and a beautiful gown.
  • Better hire someone to take care of the delicate blooms, the way they should be so that they won’t lose their charm at the time of putting them on display!

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