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A Closer Look At Our Flowers From Ecuador

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Farm - Table of Flowers

Recently, I was able to travel to Ecuador to visit several of our farms and see for myself the climate and conditions for which our flowers grow in. The majestic Andes Mountains and fresh rain water overflowing from their towering mountain peaks into lush fertile valleys makes everything grow in a way you can’t find anywhere else. I took thousands of photos and hope to share a lot with you in upcoming articles and blogs. We are excited about our business and with confidence can say to you that you are getting the freshest flowers in the world. In the United States flowers have to grow seasonally in most areas, so the quantities and quality is somewhat limited. In Ecuador, which is on the equator, has a climate that never changes, is consistent and can produce the freshest flowers you can ever imagine.  I took this trip so I could see for myself how our flowers are produced, not to mention the feel of the atmosphere, which is tremendous.

Farm - Flight

The flight was about four hours from Florida and had nothing but clear blue skies. We landed in Quito and made arrangements to stay with a local farm owner who is also a friend. The first thing I noticed was the mountains. They are nothing like I have ever seen. At one time the only mountains I had seen were the Appalachian Mountains, but when I got to Denver and saw the Rockies I was in awe. They are nothing compared to the Andes Mountains…imagine flying above the clouds, preparing to land and as you break the clouds you are eye level with the mountain peaks. It was crazy. So far, they are the highest mountains I have ever seen.

Farm - Mountains

Once on the ground I could feel the freshness of the air, it is cool and comfortable. Everything is surrounded by mountains and Ecuador is connected with such a rich history and culture. This is what I woke up to every morning as I went for my morning walk, searching for inspiration.

Farm - ParkFarms - Mountain Heights

Before actually going to see the farms, my wife and I went to the local farmer’s market and spent quite a of time looking at all the amazing fruit that is grown in the area. You would not believe how amazing their fruit is, considering this, it is easier to understand why Ecuadorian roses are the best.

Farm - Fresh ProduceFarms - Produce

Another thing to mention is the closeness of the farms to the Amazon Jungle. This is an amazing tropical rainforest! My wife and I actually spent one night in the Amazon jungle, an experience I will never forget. They assured me that it wasn’t tarantula season, so I could rest assured that night.

Farms - Amazon 2Farms - Amazon 3Farms - Amazon 4

Even though I couldn’t sleep well at night and didn’t see any tarantulas, the bugs were huge!

Farms - Bug

Our goal was two-fold in going to Ecuador, first was to see where our flowers come from and two, gather as many photos as possible to help create improvements of our catalog at wholeblossoms.com. It is extraordinary how the flower growing process takes place and was impressed with the various stages of operations. They have the perfect climate for a working environment.

Farm - Ecuador 2Farms - Amazon 4

This is how your flowers look in the farms before they are harvested.

Farm - In The Field 2Farm - In The FieldFarm 1Farm - Organic

This is how your flowers are separated and packed for delivery.

Farm - Processing 2Farm - Processing

Farms - Packed and Ready 2Farms - Packed and Ready

After examining the process of how fresh roses are produced we began working on photographing certain varieties for our catalog. Look how amazing they look! You will never find freshness like this at the local florist. These flowers come right from the farm to your doorstep.

Farms - Yves Piaget

This is our Pretty in Pink Garden Rose

Farms - Samarcanda

Red Eternity Garden Rose

Those were just a couple of examples, we have several garden rose varieties that you would love have at any event. We are proud of our flowers and assure the highest quality available.

Farms - Prince JardinierFarm - SalamazarFarms - Beautiful Contrast

We also provide premium wedding bouquets. We experimented in creating some new varieties and took photos of some examples. If you are looking for a certain kind of bouquet that we don’t have just ask us. We might be able to have it special made for you.

Farm Bouquet 3Farm - Bouquet 3Farm - Bouquet 2

All in all it was a wonderful trip and very insightful. Sometimes we hear about prospective customers not really understanding the nature of our business or how we are different or better than the local florist. I hope this has been helpful. If you are looking for garden roses check out the varieties we have available.


Blushing Beauty

Blush Garden

Pure Light

White Vitality

Bright Love

Romantic Creamy Passion

Cream Romantic

Just Peachy

David Austin Patience

Vuvuzela Peach

Gosciny Coral Orange

Salmanazar Pink Peach Peony

Pink Tea Spray

Prince Jardinier Pink White

David Austin Kiera Pink

David Austin Rosalind

David Austin Miranda

Pink Invitation

Passion Light Pink

Aurthur Rimbad Salmon Pink

Pink Devotion

David Austin Pink


Pretty in Pink

Francois Rabelais Red Spray

David Austin Darcey Red Cranberry

Red Eternity

If you are planning a wedding or social event, we at Whole Blossoms Wholesale Flowers would love to provide you with the freshest flowers available. We offer FREE SHIPPING and incredibly low prices. Please visit our website at www.wholeblossoms.com.


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