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An Easy Step By Step Checklist To Help You Plan Your Wedding Flowers

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Planning a wedding?? The first thing you need is a checklist. Any bride-to-be would find it exciting to brainstorm some ideas, prepare a checklist and then methodically execute it. The contentment you feel when carrying out your checklist is rewarding and more than worthwhile. At Whole Blossoms we wish to go beyond your expectations and bring you the finest quality flowers from our farms from all around the globe. We are also realistic and would like to give you several helpful checklist ideas to let you think and plan in advance about your wedding flowers. It is always a great idea to prepare in advance as your wedding is going to be the most significant event of your life. Planning a dream wedding takes a lot of effort; nevertheless, if you plan in advance, it will be rather easy to work out your wedding flower ideas. Are you ready for the checklist? Here we go…

1 Year before the wedding date:

Step one is to start compiling a scrapbook of different varieties and colors of flowers that you would prefer for you big day, you can tear off pages from different wedding flower magazines, in addition to that you can also visit our website wwww.wholeblossoms.com and bookmark your desired flower options.

9 Months before the wedding date:

Once you have picked out your dress and the bridesmaids dresses, add a sample of both fabrics in your scrapbook to refer to while deciding colors for your flowers. You can also take assistance from us through our website; we’ll be more than happy to suggest which flowers will look good with the colors of your outfits.

6 Months before the wedding date:

Now that you have considered your flower options, finally it’s time to place your flower order, along with the total number of arrangements required.

3 Months before the wedding date:

Order your flowers over phone or online through our website. Share your delivery details considered necessary.

Below you can see another checklist to that can help you in tracking of all of the wedding flowers.

On the Wedding Day

Church Flowers

  • Entrance
  •  Columns
  •  Altar
  •  Civil Ceremony
  •  Pew-ends

Civil Ceremony

  • Entrance
  • Reception Flowers
  • Registrar’s Table

Reception Flowers

  • Entrance
  •  Top Table, Other Tables
  •  Pedestal Arrangements
  •  Cars/ Transport
  •  Wedding Cake

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