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What Is The Whole Blossoms Difference?

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At Whole Blossoms, we make every effort to bring you the finest quality flowers available from around the globe. Time and again our patrons wonder how we are different from their local florist or any other online stores. People say we have sensational roses; well, we can’t disagree with them as seeing is believing and we have 8 things that characterize us as different.

  1. Whole Blossoms offers a broad selection of flowers in different colors and varieties. Place an order of 6 dozen roses and you can see for yourself. If you compare us with others you’ll find that in another places the selection is limited compared to what we offer. We are also persistently on the lookout for new varieties to give you the most favorable flower shopping experience.

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  1. When you buy form us you wouldn’t require as many roses because of the larger size heads of our flowers. This is ideal for making your centerpieces, arrangements, bouquets and corsages. Just compare the difference among ours and others.

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  1. If you compare our stems with those of other vendors, you’ll find ours are much thicker. This is just right when you are trying to place your flowers in arrangements without breaking them.

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  1. If you buy our flowers you can easily observe the difference in our head size which is much taller and wider than any flowers purchased from somewhere else.

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5. The opening of the flowers head is greater and far more enviable.

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  1. The vase life of the flowers from Whole Blossoms would come out to be 3 to 4 times longer owing to their cut to order and distribution process. We ascertain that the flowers are cut from the farm only when we receive an order, and then they are shipped directly to you.

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  1. An additional difference is that our flowers only come from certified farms with ecological and social certifications. Our flowers are grown under premier standards.

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  1. Whole Blossoms has a rose assortment with flower heads, colors and shapes that assure that you would receive only the highest quality and the most handsome roses available in the market.

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So when you are thinking of superior quality roses, think us – wholeblossoms.com.

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