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What do You Know about Baby’s Breath?

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Baby’s Breath 101

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If you are looking for the ideal flowers and getting prepared for your special events or wedding, remember sometimes there is perfect flower the choice of flower depends upon your choice and on the type and budget of the function. If you are looking for more information on certain flowers to help you make a decision then please go through this article for more details about Baby’s Breath.

There are four essential things to ought to know about Baby’s Breath:

Baby’s breath is a genus of Gypsophilia that started off in the Eastern and Mediterranean Europe. This flower has several petite flowers growing on the stem which gives it a lacy, delicate and snowflake-like look. Baby’s breath is found in pink and white variety, these can also be tinted. Re cutting the stems promotes full blooming. Ensure to keep them away from any external source of ethylene, like fruit, decaying plant substance or carbon monoxide. Baby’s Breath is mainly used as fillers to enhance greenery and fill up the empty space between the flowers. Using them in arrangements and bouquets can create more volume. Gypsophilia are extremely popular when it comes to Victorian arrangements and also in wedding flowers.

Here are few other interesting facts about Baby’s Breath:

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Name:  Baby’s Breath, Gyp and Gypsophila

Colors:  White and pink (though pink is rather uncommon)

Variety:  Gypsophila

Scent:  A charming, distinctive aroma that is only coupled with this flower, thus its name.

Life:  Five to seven days.

Freshness:  Very sensitive

Availability:  All through the year

Cost:  Economical

Meaning:  Baby’s Breath is named so because of its smell.

Arranging Tip:  they are very chic and popular filler flowers, small bunch of blossoms also look good in corsage designs and wedding decorations

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Varieties available with us:

  • White
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Red-Dark Pink Cast
  • Pink
  • Assorted


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