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The love of your life has just proposed and now you will have to begin planning your special day. Whole Blossoms can provide you with different types of flowers and different color of flowers. I will provide you with several options of wholesale flowers that you can use in your wedding decorations and your floral arrangements.

Anastasia White RoseWhile most colors look their best during certain seasons, white flowers are one of the few wholesale flowers that combine well with other colors and are appropriate for every season. White wedding flowers have been popular since the time of Queen Victoria in the 1800s. White wedding flowers suggest purity, serenity, and endless love. Our white wholesale flowers come in a mix of natural white, white-blush, ivory, and off-white shades to complement and enhance all and every wedding bouquet and flower arrangement.

Blue Dutch Hydrangea

Blue flowers are only available in a few flower varieties and most of the time true blues can only be achieved by tinting flowers. Blue flowers are an elegant choice and blend harmoniously with white, yellow, orange, red, cream, and different shades of blue.

Football Mums Bronze Flower


Bronze Gold flowers are vivid exhilarating wedding flowers. Bronze Gold wedding colors do not come out in flowers naturally so they need to be tinted. Gold wedding colors can be achieved in hydrangeas, eryngium thistle, chrysanthemums, and roses.

Chocolate Sunflower


Burgundy chocolate flowers are some of the most desired wedding flowers due to their unique deep colors and their beauty. Burgundy chocolate flowers blend beautifully with white, red, green, cream, and orange flowers. Burgundy chocolate flowers are highly used as contrasting focal wedding flowers during the summer, fall, and winter.

Hot Pink Gladiolus Flower


Hot pink flowers will bring a combination of elegance, modern, and trendy spark to your wedding flowers. Whether you choose a contrasting theme such as hot pink and black or a more formal look like hot pink, cream, and light pink for your wedding flowers, hot pink flowers will bring this finishing touch that will make your flower arrangements and your bridal bouquet stand out.

David Austin Darcey Red Garden Rose

Red flowers are passionate, vibrant, intense, and some of the most powerful flower colors to communicate romance. Red flowers are chosen for wedding flowers year round and continue to be one of the favorite wedding colors symbolizing love. Combine red flowers with green, burgundy, white, cream, and chocolate tones to achieve a natural earthy look.

Orange Calla Lilies Papaya

Orange flowers are characterized by their intense and warm tones. Orange flowers cheerful and uplifting shades make wedding flowers stand out and are usually combined with green, peach, purple and hot pink tones during spring, summer and fall weddings.

Craspedia Billy Balls Yellow Flower

Yellow flowers communicate cheerfulness and will bring a splash of sunshine to your wedding flowers. Rich golden yellow flowers contain warm red undertones and clear acid yellows have a distinct greenish tinge that will make your spring, summer and fall wedding flowers shine. Some yellow flower varieties may come with a green tinge that appears in flowers due to weather.

Rainbow Tulips

Mixed and rainbow flowers are cheerful and colorful wholesale flowers ideal for weddings and other celebrations. Rainbow flowers are available for delivery year round. Wholesale flowers that can be tinted in multicolor include roses and tulips.

These are just a few colors that flowers can come in. We would have to spend pages and pages with all the colors that are available. I hope these colors will assist you with your wedding decorations.

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