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What do You Know about Campanula?

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Campanula 101

Cam - Title

Are you looking for the perfect flowers and getting prepared for your next event or wedding? At times there is no right or wrong flower when it comes to flowers it’s actually just a matter preference as to what suits your needs or what suits your personality. We share articles that can help in enlightening everyone with the difference and contrast of different flowers. You will find many other helpful articles in our collection.

There are 4 things you must know about Campanula:

Cam - 1Cam 2

  • The larvae of few Lepidoptera species counting Doth Moth, Common Pug, Limespeck Pug, Ingrailed Clay and Mouse Moth use Campanula species as food plants.
  • They have alternating leaves and frequently differ in shapes on a single plant, with large and broad leaves at the base of stem and small and narrow leaves higher up at the stem; the leaf margin might either be entire or ragged (at times both are found on the same plant).
  • Many species have white latex in their stems and leaves.
  • Several species contain a small added growth like a leaf called “Appendage” amid every sepal, and the absence or presence, comparative size, and manner of appendage is used to make a distinction between strongly related species.

Few additional interesting facts about Campanula:

Cam 3Cam 4

Names:  Campanula, Chimney bells, Bell Flower and Canterbury bells

Colors:  Purple, Lavender and White

Variety: Campanula

Scent:  The Campanula pleases your sense of sight and smell by its splendor and aroma.

Freshness: Best purchased when half of the buds are open and the other half still closed.

Vase Life: five to seven days.

Availability: Throughout the year

Cost:  Reasonably priced

Meaning: Their name is derived from Latin word Campana meaning –bell, hence the meaning is bell shaped flowers.

Arranging Tips:  First remove the foliage that might fall under the water line, now cut under water using a knife.  Keep it hydrated in a mixture of floral preservative/food and warm water for 2 hours ahead of storage or handling.

Here are some varieties we have available:

Cam - Wedding 1Cam - Wedding

We have two varieties available with us:

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