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Flowers for New Born Babies!

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For all these reasons, and although the newborn is already the best present that parents can receive, it is very common to send a bouquet of flowers to the mother, either when she is still in the hospital or when she has already returned home.

Without a doubt, a beautiful way to celebrate the arrival of a new life. But you have to be careful, knowing the different possibilities when giving flowers for a birth. For this reason, if it is your case, we invite you to read the following article

As a rule, when flowers are given for a birth, it is mainly thought of as the progenitor, although in reality, the present serves as a link between the new families. It does not matter to whom the gift is addressed, whether to the father, the mother or the newborn, because the gift will be shared by all three. The freshness and the perfume of the flowers

At a more detailed level, the floral gifts given during a birth have as a double objective to please the mother and to welcome the child. The first deserves an ovation for the inhuman effort that the birth has involved; while the baby has to feed on the love of open arms.

Due to the above, never hesitate to give a bouquet of flowers for a birth. They will love it! When giving a bouquet of flowers for a birth, the roses have a key role. Since pink is traditionally associated with girls and blue with boys, it is very logical to select these colors according to the sex of the baby, although it is also worth innovating.White is a tone that combines perfectly with the previous roses and usually alternates between pink and blue to symbolize both innocence and purity. At present, it is also common to use purple as the color of girls and red as the color of boys. It is important not to link more than three tones in the same bouquet since otherwise, the gift will have a touch too casual and festive.The preparation of floral arrangements to celebrate a birth is a special section in the catalog of any florist. Every detail must be taken care of to the maximum, avoiding flowers that give off too much odor or that could be allergic to the baby. In the same way, the branches must be especially resistant to support the sanitized environments of the hospitals. Because of this, it is a very valid option to entertain the mother with a plant, much more durable than a branch, and that can grow gradually as well as the newborn.Among the bouquets of flowers, we find a long series of possibilities, such as white roses alternating between pink lilies, compositions of daisies and carnations, gerbera baskets, arrangements of sunflowers and tulips, these arrangements will look wonderful.


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