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When deciding your wedding flowers it is a good idea to order the bright and fresh flowers. At Whole Blossoms our flowers are by and large more reasonably priced, and most notably, available. Flowers like daisies, gerberas, carnations and chrysanthemums, as compared to orchids and roses are very easy on the pocket. Pick daffodils, irises and tulips in spring. All through the year Whole Blossoms can help you save over 50% of your wedding flower costs in both bouquets and decorations.

Whole Blossoms cuts out the middleman to save you some a buck or two! As per the availability we can even make a handmade bridal bouquet for you. But, if you go through our collection of wedding blogs you will find that we have numerous articles that give details on how you can make wedding and bridal bouquets for yourself, how to create boutonnieres, and also how to decorate your wedding venue. You also use our YouTube videos to learn how to make them. Visit these two links, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BC_tdZL8C3U and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Vffyn1kA54.

Just give us a call and solicit any advice you want for caring and preparing for your flower order. When you are making a floral arrangement, don’t forget to order ample amount of greenery to enhance flower volume in bouquets, they help in giving the impression of more volume.

Large flowers often fetch you more value for your money. Think lilies, hydrangeas and peonies, they are big and bold they take up more space and cut down the cost. Also, think about using filler leaves and ferns to add more volume and balance the floral arrangements.

Even though they look beautiful, still the bridesmaids don’t essentially require individual bouquets, in its place, give them one stunning bloom to pin and carry around. Another option for your bridesmaids is giving them boutonnieres, or wrist corsages are also a good option. These are more affordable options and this way the flowers become a part of their outfit and are not left behind on the table or bathroom after the ceremony.

Boutonniere looks wonderful for groomsmen and especially if the boutonnieres match the suits or outfits this really ties them together.

Instead of intricate centerpieces, why not, consider using small vases or traditional jars and fill them with smaller number of stems. Tulips can be a nice option for such an arrangement as they are colorful, compact and neat.

Few other suggestions are: Use ripened fruits as they symbolize fertility and abundance … also they are delicious, economical and colorful. Tomatoes look stunning and tempting in a country Italian exhibit. You can also incorporate red or green apples, vibrant lemons, peaches, pomegranates or grapes; stack them in a case or you can spray paint them, you can even stick name tags in them, try out different ways.

Candles build a tone of romance and you can buy them in all sizes and shapes. Collect different sized candles on a vintage tray or a plate. Place them in a vase filled with pebbles. You get the pebbles and candles from any dollar shop. You can also consider using a plain pillar vase or a hurricane vase, both look grand with candles inside them. Pebbles can be bought from any pet stores or nursery; they have a array of textures and colors (for fountains and fish tanks).

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