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Wedding Decorations On A Budget

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Wedding Decorations On A Budget

Don’t want to spend a fortune on your wedding decor?

Below we will give you some creative ideas to give you the dream wedding you always wanted, without burning a hole in your pocket!


Wedding on a budget Lighting

  • Switching to colorful lightning can really help you celebrate a nice and affordable wedding!
  • You can opt for a number of lightening ideas, such as a disco ball or twinkle lights which are surely meant to enhance the ambience of the room where these lights are installed.


  • Usually cakes are kept in a veil, and are opened to all at the time when the couple cuts it.
  • However for a budgeted wedding, you should surely put your cake on display and you can project it by decorating its surroundings, or simply the table where the cake would be placed.


  • You can opt for a banquet which has more of nature’s essence to it.
  • Merely grass is not enough, for this you need to have some exquisite plotted plants along with trees that would also be decorated with some lights, or anything which suits the wedding’s theme.
  • You can also opt for a hall with an adjacent picturesque landscape to it.


Wedding on a budget Balloons

  • Balloons are cheap and fun at the same time.
  • You can make your entrance arch full of balloons, which would enhance your gateway at the minimal cost.

Unity Candle:

  • Unity candles are so fun to have at weddings!
  • You can prepare your own unity candle by searching the market for a white big candle, a wide ribbon and off course some sequins.
  • Just apply the glue wrap around the ribbon and use the sequins to draw what so ever you wish!


  • Shells are not so common in landlocked areas.
  • Therefore for such areas it would be great if you use shells as a piece of decorations!
  • Try collecting some shells and clean them nicely.
  • On your wedding day you need to just put them in beautiful glass vases and add water to them.
  • Put them on the guest tables and discover the beauty in simplicity!

Flower Petals

Wedding on a budget Flower Petals

  • As compared to flowers, the flower petals are quite inexpensive.
  • In case you do not wish to spend much in flooring, you can opt for flower petals.
  • Just spread the flower petals evenly on the floor and witness the most beautiful floor to walk on!

Blow Bubbles:

  • Bubbles can play an important role in making your celebrations more enjoyable!
  • Off course you won’t be hiring people to constantly blow bubbles for you, as machines are there to put you at ease.
  • Get a bubble machine but make sure that it is in a working condition and is not too noisy!

Draped Ceilings:

  • Fabrics can do wonders for your body as well as for your events!
  • Draping the ceilings can make your banquet hall a really elegant one.
  • Depending upon the size of the room, you can opt for various styles and shades of fabric to drape your ceilings.

Patterned Pillows:

  • In case you don’t want to opt for expensive shimmery sheets and pillows, patterned pillows would work the best for you!
  • They also work well for lounge areas.

Hanging Flowers:

Wedding on a budget Hanging Flowers

  • Flowers are being used for celebrations since ages.
  • However giving the traditional style a modern approach would be so alluring!
  • Hanging the flowers in exotic pots would give you two bonuses.
  • One, it would give the usage of flowers a different approach.
  • Secondly you would be able to adjust more guests as the flowers won’t be consuming the space on the floor!

Chalkboard Signage:

  • Chalkboards really look good when they are displayed with some fun messages!
  • However since the preparations are to be made for a big day therefore the standards are to be maintained!
  • Frames the chalkboard with something fun and color or drape it with something colorful and elegant.
  • Jot down the messages and display!

Table Lamps:

  • Table lamps might sound ordinary to you, however a different approach can be given to this as well.
  • Rent a few table lamps as per the number of tables for the guests.
  • Put a lamp on each table and surround it with some potted plants, flowers and greenery.

Colored Glassware:

  • Colored glassware looks a lot more appealing that simple and plain glassware.
  • Simply rent some stained glassware and serve in them.
  • Even the glassware when kept decorated tables with a white sheet, looks adorable!

Calligraphed Menus:

  • It’s high time to quit the designs given by the card printers rather you can opt for something artistic and unique like calligraphed menus.
  • Simply consult any artistic neighbor of yours who loves playing with alphabets and colors and ask to get a calligraphed menu ready.

Table Runner:

  • Instead of using huge centerpieces for decoration table runners would serve the purpose of decoration better.
  • Where centerpieces occupy a lot of space, the table runners would just be placed throughout the center of the table that go without occupying much space!


Wedding on a budget Candles

  • Candles never fail to lighten up the rooms wherever they are lit!
  • Just buy tons of candles, where the size depends on the arrangements you want to make.
  • Place them all in one room and lighten them up!
  • Witness the scenic romance which not only exists in movies but in real life too!

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