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How To Make A Bouquet Of Flowers In Few Simple Steps

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Bouquets look so elegant when given along with the presents on various occasions, however, there are times when the bouquets available in the market don’t exactly suit our needs or maybe they are just too expensive!

Here we’ll demonstrate for you – How to make a bouquet of flowers in few simple steps… read more to learn more!

How To Make A Bouquet Of Flowers

1> How to make a bouquet of flowers: Initial steps

Things needed:

  • For a grand and beautiful bouquet you will be needing some exotic and beautiful flowers, along with a few fillers and for beauty and base.
  • Cellophane sheet, bouquet ribbons, floral tapes, stapler pins (optional), Foam and a bouquet basket (optional, in case you want to make a basket bouquet).

2> How to make a bouquet of flowers: Precautions

Some things to remember before proceeding to make the bouquet

  • Since you are new to the concept of making your own bouquets, therefore you need to realize that you can’t be perfect by just assembling all the things at once.
  • A lot of practice along with precautions are required for you to become an expert in this DIY.
  • Therefore before initiating this project, you need to first do a lot of planning and also collect lots of ideas like how bouquets can be made, or different types of DIY bouquets etc.
  • Also you need to focus on the quality of flowers you would use to make the bouquet.
  • Many of you might opt for this DIY to save money, however while practicing it you certainly don’t want to end up wasting all your savings merely on flowers.
  • It would be the best if you opt for artificial flowers, as the minimum amount of wastage would occur, and also you could get multiple chances to experiment for various styles of bouquets.
  • Along with the kind of flowers you prefer for your bouquets, you can also try fusing a variety of flowers to give a more appealing look, however this step should be taken under the supervision of someone who is expert in arrangements, or after collecting ample ideas in the form of pictures from various sources.
  • And as far as the ideas are concerned, you can refer Whole Blossoms for the perfect bouquet ideas along with the most beautiful flowers.

3> How to make a bouquet of flowers: The arrangement

Steps to follow:

  • So first of all start by gathering all your ideas you have planned so far to create a bouquet of your own.
  • The best way to opt for the perfect bouquet is to consider the theme for which you are preparing the bouquet, and then choose as per the requirements.
  • So after collecting your ideas, you can now hunt the market for the materials other than the flowers as stated above, which would be needed to construct your bouquet.
  • Not all flowers are available in all seasons, however you can go online in case you want to go out of the path to meet your desires.
  • The moment you order for flowers, try the concept of mixing and matching as it would give you a totally unique output which is surely going to boost your morals the next time you want to come up with something new.
  • Now coming to the point of construction, you need to first assemble everything at a place where you get enough space to carry on with your job.
  • Before adding the flowers, you need to make sure that all the flowers are totally free from thorns and foliage.
  • Also you need to cut the stems according to the height you want to keep of the bouquet, however they should not be over- trimmed.
  • By the time you trim the stems, take your foam and dip it in water (in case you want to create a bouquet with a basket).
  • Do not dip it forcefully.
  • You would be starting with the base first.
  • By creating a base, you would get a nice frame to add other flowers in the most perfect angles.
  • Take 2-3 stems together and make a bunch of them by wrapping them with the floral tape.
  • But remember to leave a maximum of 1.5 inches from the top of the stems exposed.
  • Now these flows would guide you, as to where the other flower are to be placed.
  • Take stems one by one, and start adding them around the flowers you initially created a bunch with.
  • By adding the flowers in perfect alignments, you can make a bouquet, however if you add some fillers or greenery amidst the flowers you can have a beautiful DIY bouquet at unbelievable cost!
  • The arrangement of fillers is totally dependent on their type and sizes.
  • You need not to worry about making the bouquets overloaded by putting in fillers, you can also use them to surround the flowers.
  • Remember, you need to constantly bind the flowers together with the floral tape else you can lose you grip, also repeated procedures can damage the flowers too.
  • The tape also gives your flowers a nice composition.
  • Once you’ve done with the binding you now you can wrap it with a cellophane sheet and lastly secure it with a floral ribbon!
  • Congratulations you’ve made a beautiful DIY bouquet!

So these were few simple steps that would give you the bouquets of your choice, and off course would save your budget from being over spent in the market!

So do try these methods and let us know about your experiences by commenting below!

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