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How To Make Flower Arrangements: Be Your Own Personal Florist!

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Aren’t flowers absolutely adorable, whether in the garden or in a vase, flowers spread their magic everywhere. Let’s help you figure out, how to make flower arrangements, so that you can also make the arrangements you always desired for!

How To Make Flower Arrangements

How To Make Flower Arrangements: The Basics

  1. Plan The Arrangement:
  • Before trying your hands directly on creating random floral arrangement, you need to first thoroughly plan about what kind of an arrangement you are in need of.
  • Different occasions need different floral arrangements, therefore it is highly recommended to first decide appearance.
  • You can do some internet search but it is not necessary for you to get the exact material used in it.
  • It’s better if you opt for something which is easier to construct and won’t end up burning a hole in your pocket!
  • So start hunting the market for the materials you can easily get.
  • Next you decide what kind of an arrangement you are in need of. Weather it is to be made in a box, or a vase, take your time and decide and make the purchase wisely!
  • Next you can either search the market or go online for your bouquet’s better half that is the materials which are needed to construct the arrangements.
  • They include scissors, floral tapes, a few floral pins, cellophane sheet, floral foam (a must to have), ribbons and floral wires.
  • When it comes to the flowers, you better opt for something that is durable.
  • Buy the flowers which are more resilient for a longer period of time, than the ones which often die if not kept the way they should be.
  • Keep them in a cool place and away from sunlight.
  • Along with the flowers, you would be needing some foliage too. Get the foliage which are bloomy rather than the ones which have more of a branchy structure.
  • When we talk about a cool environment, BEWARE we do not mean refrigeration!
  • Artificial cooling can damage the flowers.
  • You can also arrange for someone to help, as flowers can sometimes be difficult to manage alone.

NOTE: in case you get the flowers from your garden, you better pluck them a night before and soak them in water to make them nicely hydrated, the flowers available in the market are hydrated in the same fashion.

How To Make Flower Arrangements: Prepping The Flowers

2. Preparation In The Flowers:

  • Measure the depth of the box you will be using for your arrangements.
  • Once to measure it start trimming the stems of the flowers.
  • However you should not trim too much as during the insertion of the flowers, you might be needing to chop off a bit more of the stem.
  • Also the stems are not to be cut too short as they won’t be useful for the arrangement anymore, or they would just mess up the whole idea.
  • For the foliage, chop of the extra leaves or thorns, as they won’t be needed for the base.

How To Make Flower Arrangements: The Steps

3. Steps To Follow:

  • Grab your scissors, cellophane, ribbons, foams, box/vase etc. keep them together and get started!
  • Firstly, fill your sink with water, and soak in the floral foam.
  • Do not press otherwise it won’t absorb the water completely. You need to stay back and let the foam absorb the water.
  • By the time the foam absorbs the water, start lining your box/vase with the cellophane sheet.
  • Next put the foam in such a way that it fits your box, if it is oversized cut it nicely.
  • Firstly start adding the foliage, which is less bloomy as compared to the other foliage.
  • Next start adding the larger leaves to form the base of the flowers to be placed at the top.
  • Prepare the base by adding the foliage, along with a nice base, it would make your arrangement even more appealing!
  • While putting in the foliage or the flowers, make sure you insert them at least 5cm into the floral foam.
  • Avoid creating a messy and overdone arrangement.
  • Now start adding the flowers one-by-one in proper angles.
  • After placing everything in its position, check the box from every side to ensure equality and neatness.

Isn’t it simple to craft a nice flowery artifact of your own! We hope you like our ideas…do share your experience in comments.

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