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How to Plan A Wedding on A Budget – List To Do

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Wedding..Your big day!! Wedding gives both excitement and stress. If I will talk about excitement then you can understand, so many guests, a new journey, dresses etc. But at the same time weddings are stressful as well for many reasons. Not only you want to invite all of your kooky friends and family to celebrate your big day but also you want to do everything within your budget constraints.

how to plan your wedding budget

Planning a wedding shouldn’t be a burden on your bank rather it should be more of fun, exciting and worry free. I will tell you certain ways and tips of planning by which you can plan a wedding that looks graceful but on the other hand will be your wallet friendly. The average wedding does cost around $20,000 according to experts but there are lots of ways to cut back. My post will help you in various cut back ideas like affordable venue advice, food cut backs etc. which you can include while planning your budget.

How to Plan Wedding on Budget

Today I will tell you multiple ways for cost cutting in wedding that reflects beauty in your wedding without going into debt. A list is provided below you can take ideas from there are see what can suit you and modify it according to your requirement. I can assure you; by the end of reading this article you will be having a lot of good and cost effective ideas for your big day.

If you want to cut the fat in your wedding than jot down and plan these points according which most of the wedding planners consider to be total waste.

  • Choosing a venue: Choose a venue which already supplies the ambience like zoo, aquarium, or a gallery rather than a plain banquet hall or a farm house. The reason is the cost of these special venues is not too high and you can save a lot in décor.

How to Plan Wedding on a Budget Choose venue

Also organize all the wedding functions at same venue as it will reduce cost from going to one place to another as well as relieve you from paying fees of multiple sites.

  • Rehearsal dinner: Save your money in this occasion by organizing a dinner in a park or by a picnic as it will cost you less compared to having a dinner in a restaurant.
  • Time for Parties: Plan parties and functions for shorter period of time. For example you can plan your reception for three hours instead of five or six hours as it will be cost effective for you and most importantly people will enjoy themselves just as much

Also check for the season because you may get the same spot at lower price in January as compared to June.

  • Photographer and videographer: Now this is very important part of your wedding. You want someone to take all shoots, capture each and every moment of your big day that will remind you of every moment and every emotion of that day but unfortunately it can be quite heavy for your wallet. So what you can do I hire someone who is in the initial days of his career or someone who do this as a freelancer or just out of passion of photography.
  • Bride’s make over: It includes various categories from bride’s dress to its makeup. First let us talk about bride’s favorite part, her wedding dress. It is easy to save money on it if she sticks to her budget truly or if you want some expensive dress than try ordering it during sale or during festive season nearby your wedding as it will give you a huge discount.

Second most important part for her is her hairs. Hiring a professional hairstylist can be a load on your wallet so go for your own styling as no one can do better than you for yourself or you can also go to a cosmetology school as both are wallet friendly ways.

Plan Wedding on a Budget for Couple

Last but not the least comes bride’s makeup. Same applies in this scenario as well. If you will go for professionals than can be a bit expensive, here even buying your own makeup kit is not a good option. So for this case you can go to department store’s cosmetics counter for a free makeover or buy your kit using some online or offline discount coupons.

Plan Wedding on A Budget Bride’s make over

  • Wedding invitations: You can design cards on your own and provide your own cardstock to the printer or you can also go for email invitation.
  • Wedding flowers: For flowers instead of wasting boatloads of money on flowers you go for a cost effective idea. For example, Offer a single rose to each bridesmaid and buy a small bouquet for the bride. Or you can also make your own bouquet for your big day. Another option is instead of using fresh flowers go for fake flowers as nobody will notice and it will not be a burden on your wallet.

Plan Wedding on A Budget Wedding flowers

  • Wedding Jewelry: Wedding jewelry includes ring ceremony rings plus some ornaments to complement bride’s gown. The best way to avoid lot of spending on this part is to avoid going to high end stores. You can borrow it from your friends and family or also you can try designing and making your own jewelry with some flowers or shells or some other decorative jewels.
  • Cost effective Bar: Avoid going for a full bar. Instead you can serve beer and wine (both red and white) with two or more signature cocktails in your menu. Don’t forget to include some fresh juices along with some sparkling water with colorful wedges with lemon, orange etc.

Plan Wedding on A Budget Cost effective Bar

  • Entertainment: Last but not the least comes the music band and dance. If you want some entertainment than do not go for professional wedding music companies instead go for some local school band. Another alternative you can do is downloading your favorite music, make a playlist for your wedding and reception in your iPod or tab or any other storage device. Hook it on rented speakers and enjoy the music.

Plan Wedding on Budget Couple

So this was all about planning a wedding on a budget. If you want you can use one or all of these ideas for your wedding and enjoy a wallet friendly wedding. Hope you have enjoyed reading it. Good luck for your big day. Happy wedding!!

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