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How to Make Bridal Bouquet

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Making your wedding bouquet is good idea as it will save a lot of money. If you have ever estimated prices of wedding flower and especially of  bridal bouquet you would realize how much cost effective it would be. Buying a bridal bouquet is not only about buying a single it’s about buying a lot of bouquets for different occasion, which can be a huge expense. A single bouquet will cost around hundreds of dollars.

How to Make Bridal Bouquet

Now let’s come to the point. So you want to make your own bridal bouquet. Good idea!! But before we proceed first you need to decide whether you want to make it using fresh flowers or with silk flowers. I will tell you both the ways so that you can choose according to your own convenience. Let the journey begins!!
How to Make Bridal Bouquets

First we will learn how to make bridal bouquet with fresh flower:

  • First let’s start with flower collection.You can either plant your wedding flowers on your own for a personal touch and the plants will become the living remembrance of your day. Or you can buy your flowers from the flower market or from an online wholesaler or from a grocery store.

Things need to Make Bridal Bouquet

  • Now place your flowers at a very cool place 3 hours prior arranging them. Remove foliage and excess unattractive part from the flowers. Make them look even. You can use multi color flowers as well. It is not mandatory to use single color flowers or only roses.
  • Now start arranging your flowers one by one.
  • Hold Your flowers in a bunch in one hand. Arrange it in such a way that from its upper side it should be like dome shaped.
  • Now from its stem from a green floral tape leaving few inches of stem at its bottom. You can easily get it from florists.

How to a Make Bridal Bouquet

  • Cut the left out stem to make it even and finally tie the floral ribbon to cover the floral tape. Now put it in a vase having water till ceremony.


  • If you are working with roses then they are not open yet and you can force them to open by dipping them in Lukewarm water for few minutes but avoid using hot water as it might kill them.
  • To get progress and how it would look like stand in front of mirror to track its progress.
  • First arrange the flower accordingly and tie it using tape then only trim it to make it look even.

Now comes the turn of fake flowers or silk flowers:-

Make Bridal Bouquet from fake or silk flower

  • Select the color of your flowers according to choice of your real flowers to make it look more realistic.
  • Choose Holder very carefully as it will be the base of your bouquet.

holder for Bridal Bouquet

  • Now arrange a form to set all the flowers inside it. You can buy it from the store or you can trim any form available at your home to the size of your holder.
  • Choose main flower with which you will start arranging your bouquet.
  • Take main flower and fix it inside the form. Once you are done with main flower start arranging all the flowers around it in a square shape and fix all these in the form.

How to the Make Bridal Bouquet

  • If you feel any flower’s stem is not suitable for your bouquet then you can either replace that flower with another one or pin it in the form
  • Arrange some greenery or accents along with flowers to make it look more real.
  • Once you are done arranging all the flowers. Start decorating it.
  • Buy a beautiful ribbon and tie it around it. You can also use hot glue to fix the ribbon completely around it.

here is the prepared Bridal Bouquet

  • Now in the middle of the first ribbon tie or fix another beautiful ribbon to make it look more beautiful and trendy.
  • Finally affix some embellishments and allow it to dry.
  • For final touch you can use some glitters, floral sprays etc to enhance its beauty
  • Your bridal bouquet is ready for your ceremony.

Final How to Make Bridal Bouquet

I have told you both type of bouquets one with the fresh flowers and another with silk flowers. You can choose any one of them or both as both have its own beauty and are quite elegant in looks. Hope you have liked it. Try experimenting it at your home and let us know your reviews and experience about it. Happy Flowering!!

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