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How to Cut Roses?

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Hi so you want to cut your roses nice..!! Have you decided why you want to do it? No worries. In this blog I will tell you the entire methods to cut roses so that you can do according to your purpose. There are many reasons for rose cutting. You might want to do for décor or for pruning or to remove dead part to save the entire plant.

Here in this blog I will go ahead with every reason to cut roses along with its method. If you are an absolute beginners do not know anything about gardening or roses then also do not worry about it, I will tell you step by step procedure for every method which you can follow as it is and get your work done.

Let the journey of rose cutting begins:

For Vase decoration:

 roses For Vase decoration        

  • First clean the vase, you are planning to put your roses in. Clean it thoroughly if you feel your vase is dishwasher safe then clean it there. Cleaning is necessary to remove all the bacteria from the vase to avoid early killing of your roses.
  • Clean and shears the blades of your tool which you are planning to use to cut the roses for the same reason as describe in the first point.
  • Now choose the right roses. There are many varieties of roses and every variety has different right time to cut them. Like for monsoon variety it should be cut after it is completely open for some variety with fewer petals cutting should be done at a very early stage.

varieties of roses to cut

  • Now comes the most important part i.e. watering. Water thoroughly in the night before the morning you are planning to cut your roses. This will help in absorbing a large amount of water and will help them to last for a longer time after being cut.
  • Cut the roses before 10am. Hot weather can weaken them and deprives them from substance and water.

Cut the roses before 10am

  • Try to cut them at an angle of 45 degree from the ground. Once you are done cutting put them in a Lukewarm water in a bucket.
  • Cut the leaves present below the water line in your bucket and make another final cut in the stem just like the first to represent the final height of your roses.
  • Now fill your vase with fresh lukewarm water and with some plant food as it will help your roses to nourish thoroughly. Keep your roses in this conditioned water for an hour.
  • Now remove your roses from that conditioned water and leave in refrigerator for around 3 hours before decoration.

cut roese refrigerator for around 3 hours

  • Finally, put them into your vase you want to use for the décor purpose and try to change its water either daily or at max every alternate day.cut roses use

For Pruning or to remove dead part:

First of all let us discuss what is pruning. It is a general practice. It is not only about the looks but the basic motive behind the pruning is to make your plant more open and fresh, to make its growth healthier and t protect it from all kind of fungal and bacterial infection.

cut roses Pruning and remove dead part

There are many names to pruning but the method or the guidelines to perform it is always same. So whether you are deadheading (remove the dead flower) in the summer or cutback in the spring the methodologies I will tell you would remain same. Let us begin our journey for pruning:

  • Always cut them from the bud eye. Bud eye is the area of the stem where new leaves start to appear.

cut roese bud eye

  • Pruning should be done in the January or February. Also when the buds have started to swell then you should take it as an indication for pruning. For keeping an eye on bud swelling keep on checking its stem. Also check for the variety of roses for its time of pruning. Like for some roses they need to be pruned after they bloom rather than at an early bud stage.
  • Now we will discuss how to do it. Use sharp and clean shears.
  • Before pruning clean your shears with alcohol to avoid any infection to the plant.
  • Rinse it with alcohol every time you move to another bush after doing the first one.
  • Cut at an angle of 45 degree

cut roses at angle of 45 degree

  • Always cut above the bud eyes as it will redirect the plant’s energy and help them in regrowth. Bud eye is the reddish area on the rose bush’s cane.
  • Now last but not the least, prune some other parts also to make it grow healthier.
  • Prune the dead parts of plants, suckers (another plant growing along with it as it can suck all its nutrients), dead flowers and weak stems to make your plant look and grow healthy.

how to cut roses

So this is all about cutting roses. Hope you have enjoyed it. Share your experiences. Happy Gardening!!

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