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15 Best Floral Wedding Altars & Arches Decorating Ideas

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‘Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow.’

Marriage – the holy union of two people who have fallen in love with each other. Of course, there is something magical about this event! And, the one thing that makes this magical event even more special is the way we celebrate it.

Talking about wedding celebrations, one of the most important things that play role in making the wedding event memorable is wedding flowers. Lilies, gerberas, chrysanthemums, roses and what not – the list goes on and on. There are so many different varieties in these wedding flowers used to create a mesmerizing set up.

In this post we are going to talk about one such inseparable aspect of wedding decoration where flowers are used. The aspect we are going to talk about is wedding altars and arches.

Here is a peep into 15 of the finest floral wedding altars & arches decorating ideas that can inspire you to weave the magic for your event as well –

Rustic Arch - Wedding Flowers

  1. Rustic arch

There is nothing more fascinating than the charm of an old-school rustic arch draped around with beautiful flowers. Rustic arches create a mesmerizing affair especially when the bride and the groom are taking their vows and embracing each other’s love on their special day. If you love to keep it subtle and simple, then going forward with this rustic arch could be the best idea. You can pick flowers to match the overall rustic appeal of the wedding event, and give the arch a one-of-a-kind outlook!

Woody fairytale

  1. Woody fairytale

Who doesn’t like fairytales? That’s exactly what we present to you as our second choice for wedding arch design. Wooden branches, greenery and beautiful flowers – all these three can be brought together to create a picturesque setup for an unforgettable wedding celebration. You can use an assortment of flowers to decorate the arch as per your liking and create a mesmerizing affair. Wouldn’t you love this to happen?

Floral Arch

  1. Floral Arch

This one’s a simple yet beautiful arch that will definitely add to your wedding look. It’s easy to fix, takes little time to set up and looks really dainty and delicate for the pleasure of the eyes. You can adorn the arch with beautiful wedding flowers of your choice and leave the guests coming to event in awe!

Garden look - Bulk Flowers

  1. Garden look

Going a step further you can use the beauty of flowers to the maximum effect by creating a garden look arch. Though generally a great option for indoor weddings, garden look arches can create an equally beautiful impact when used for outdoor weddings as well. The right blend of greenery, flowers and accessories to setup the arch could eventually create a magnificent outlook which will put a lasting impact on the guests.

Marigold arch

  1. Marigold arch

The next idea on this list that we have for you might sound a little out of place, but trust us when we say that this unique setup could spellbind every guest coming to your event. We are talking about an assortment of marigold flowers sewn together as a wedding arch and adorning the venue. Wouldn’t it look simply stunning? After all, these bright and cheerful flowers can bring a smile on anyone’s face instantly. So, why not use this property to good effect for the most special day of your life?

Summer Surprise

  1. Summer surprise

From rich and colorful marigolds to something more cheerful and chirpy – the next arch idea we have for you is that of summer green floral arrangement. Easy to put together, summer surprise arches generally encompass a little bit of greenery, with white lilies thrown to the entire setup, and green drapes serving the purpose to embellish the entire arrangement. These can work the best when you are running short on time and have plenty more to handle while managing the wedding event.

Vintage Door Arches

  1. Vintage door arches

Next on the list is something that might take your parents back to their D-day. Putting together an assortment of flowers with a vintage wooden door, and bringing together elements like candles and pomades, you can eventually create an unforgettable wedding arch that’s going to make everyone cherish your wedding event forever. These easy to create wedding arches can eventually bring out your creativity and let everyone about the effort you are putting to make the day the most special one of your life!

Rosy Red Arch

  1. Rosy red arch

How can roses be far behind when you are talking about the day of love and getting together forever? The next idea for wedding arch that we have involves everyone’s favorite flower – rose.  As the name already suggests the color of the rose we are talking about is going to be red in this case. Put together the collection of red roses, and go for a romantic red wedding arch that symbolizes the passion and purity you have in the relationship. After all, it is the beginning of a new journey and you would want it to start on the right note.

Mystical Arch

  1. Mystical arch

If you are planning to do an indoor wedding event, then one of the most creative wedding arches would involve putting together an assortment of drapes, wedding flowers and candles. You can create a mystical setup by bringing these three elements together. Not only will it blow the mind of every guest, but it is going to create an ambience that will reflect purity, tranquility and a sense of belonging into the relationship. And, this could turn out to be the best way to begin the journey in your wedding!


  1. Countryside

Another creative way to decorate your wedding arch is by moving towards the countryside setup. Bring together barrels, along with minimalistic flower decoration to give it a raw and rustic finish. If you are someone who does not like too much of pomp and show, this could eventually prove to be the best idea to decorate the wedding arch. Simple yet attractive, beautiful yet raw, floral yet rugged – it brings along the right mix of everything you can ever ask for!

jewel toned flowers, with wreaths and dark leaved arches

  1. Dark and magical

Moving from country to the mystical and magical lands, why not create something at the wedding that looks like brought straight from heaven? This is where throwing jewel toned flowers, with wreaths and dark leaved arches could work the best. The perfect tone to create a romantic fare, this beautiful wedding arch could work like magic and leave everyone in a spell of love!

Bold and beautiful floral assortment

  1. Bold and beautiful floral assortment

Keep it simple and subtle by not playing around with too many colors or arrangements. A few climbers draping the arms of the altar, a few light colored drapes and lots of greenery – all these elements when brought together could eventually leave a mesmerizing impact on the viewer. Just imagine how beautiful the venue is going to look when it houses something as simple as this arch.

Forest Wedding

  1. Forest wedding

Want to add a touch of excitement to the event? Why not bring the jungle home at your event? No, we are not talking about arranging for the forest animals for the wedding. All we mean here is to create a forest wedding arch. Here’s how you can do it – throw in multitude of colors, some beautiful decorative elements like twigs and branches and bring them into shape to create a wedding arch. Throw in a touch of greenery, and you are ready to be in the center of the jungle to host your grand wedding event.

Beach Side Arch

  1. Beach side arch

If you are going for a beach side wedding, then using tropical flowers to create an awe inspiring arch could be the best idea. Use the colors to good effect, by selecting different varieties of flowers to be used in the arch. DIY or get help from professionals to create an enchanting wedding arch that is going to spread the magic and love in the air on this special day.

Minimalistic Approach

  1. Minimalistic approach

Another interesting choice we have for you here is a wedding arch that is going to bring out the simplicity and minimalism in you. Whether you believe in the minimalistic approach or not, using the same while creating a wedding arch could not only inspire others but at the same time it would appear as beautiful as anything you would have ever expected. Rather than putting together quite a large volume of wedding flowers, what you can do is a few pop-up flowers and let them work the magic. Ferns, flowers and greenery – these three elements are more than enough to create these wedding arches. So, order them from someone like Whole Blossoms and see how they spread the charm on your wedding celebrations!

Those were our top 15 ideas on how create the most mesmerizing wedding arches for your special day. And, in case you are worried about finding the place where you can get wholesale bulk flowers to create these arches, all you have to do is visit Whole Blossoms. As an e-commerce to buy bulk flowers at wholesale prices, Whole Blossoms can eventually prove to be the one stop shop for everything you need for creating wedding arches.

In fact, you can get wholesale wedding flowers for not just arches but for all the other arrangements as well. So, what are you waiting for? Decide what you want to create for the wedding, and go to Whole Blossoms to place your order right away!

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