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The Flowers Of Love For A Romantic Wedding

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When it is about weddings and their decorations, there is only one flower variety that will never go out of style- the roses! Undoubtedly, roses are a flower variety that is evergreen and lovely. The white garden roses are perfect for a wedding full of royalty, richness, and class. Some people buy roses to make them a part of the bridal bouquet or boutonnieres. On the other hand, some couples pick rose petals to fill their wedding air with love and happiness.

Use the love dark red roses for the bridal bouquet or the passionate burgundy roses for your wedding décor and let your rich décor do the talking for you!

The mesmerizing beauty of roses

Roses have always had a special undeniable charm about them. The medium sized blooms look elegant with their petals carefully overlapping each other with perfection. All the colors of rose blooms look beautiful in their own way. White garden roses talk of charm, purity and complete innocence. When used in weddings, they bring out these qualities perfectly well.

Dark red roses, on the other hand, symbolize the feeling of love, friendship, and romance. Yellow roses bring happiness and cheer along with them. Pink roses show grace and gentleness while the peach ones are used to signify gratitude. Burgundy roses are used to denote deep passion and love. It doesn’t matter what color the rose is, whether it is a dark red rose or the peach one, every rose is beautiful in its own way.

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The aerial romance with roses

Roses can be utilized to create beautiful wedding decors in multiple unique ways. Instead of settling for the usual décor elements, opt for something different- use aerial décor elements to enhance the wedding venue. Make floral lanterns out of burgundy roses and hang them from silver metal rods overhead or from the trees for an outdoor affair.

You can have wreaths made of white garden roses hanging at your venue. Or, you could even try out something more different like floral hoops made of dark red roses and white garden roses paired with a few greens and ribbons.

Unique centerpieces with the blooms that are ordinary

Yes, roses might be regular blooms that can be found easily, but they can be used uniquely too. Here are a few quick ideas with the classic white garden roses and other pretty colored ones for you!

Get small metallic buckets and fill them with white garden roses and a few small greens. Place them as table centerpieces and surround the buckets with a few petals of dark red roses. The two colors would complement each other perfectly and bring out the elegance in the décor.

You could use individual burgundy rose blooms and place an elegant wine glass up-side-down over the pretty bloom. Use this wine glass as a base to place a scented candle over it and there you have it, a chic and classic burgundy rose centerpiece that it out of the ordinary!

Roses can be paired up too! Pair a bunch of dark red roses with baby’s breath flowers and put the two together in a tall, sleek vase along with greenery to create a stunning table centerpiece.

Spice it up with a dessert bar!

How beautiful would it look if you were to have a cute and small dessert bar at your wedding venue? You could create a mini bar and decorate it with stunning burgundy roses or white garden roses and a few bright ribbons and probably balloons! Keep all the delicious desserts at the dessert bar, each of them decorated with a mini rose. This dessert bar with burgundy rose decoration is sure to please your guests at the wedding!

You could even add white garden roses to garnish your wedding cake and make it look even more appealing. Let the magic of roses spread throughout your wedding, making it a romantic affair!

burgundy roses

The rustic and vintage inspiration

Vintage is always rich and classy. And, it never fails to create an impression! White garden roses are perfect blooms to create a vintage themed wedding décor. You can opt for furniture that is a little rustic in appearance. If it is an evening affair, use some rustic looking lanterns or cages with candles lit inside them.

You could even have a monotonic dark red roses theme for a perfect vintage feel. If you love the vintage feel, make pretty tiaras with dark red roses for the bridesmaids and hand them bouquets made of dark red or white garden roses.

Buy the freshest roses for your wedding décor

Roses make wedding decors look enchanting and beautiful. The best part about rose decorations is that they look elegant in both, outdoor as well as indoor decorations. For evenings, burgundy roses look lovely and add the perfect passion and love to the air at the wedding venue. White garden roses, on the other hand, make a daytime ceremony look magical and fairy tale like.

If you wish to purchase dark red roses or the charming white ones, or any other color, Whole Blossoms is your go-to place! Since its establishment, Whole Blossoms excels at providing the freshest quality flowers for wedding decorations and arrangements. Let the white garden roses or any of your favorite color ones adorn your wedding venue, filling it with perfect romance and cheer. Have a memorable wedding!

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