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This year, so many brides are considering buying their wedding flowers and wholesale flowers from online stores as an option to organize the wedding of their dream within a budget. With high prices charged by local floral shops, floral designers and wedding planners, it is rather challenging to find all the flowers required for the reception, the ceremony and the bride and her bridesmaids bouquets at a reasonable prices.

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With the recession and all the other factors to consider when preparing a wedding, brides have involved their moms, grandmothers, aunties and off course bridesmaids to help them in arranging bouquets and centerpieces to cut corners and enjoy their premium wedding flowers. Centerpieces, boutonnieres and bouquets are relatively easy to make if you follow DIY wedding decoration instructions and tips.

Whole Blossoms is an online wholesaler of flowers, we focus on selling premium wholesale flowers for DIY weddings. Whole Blossoms flowers are directly shipped from our farms in Ecuador and Colombia to you so get to save on your wedding flowers and also get the freshest cut flowers in the market for the most memorable day in your life.

Factors to consider while ordering and processing Wholesale Flowers for your Events or Wedding:

Place your order of wholesale flowers at least 1 to 2 months prior to your event or wedding. If you order a few weeks before your event, it is likely that the flowers you desire may not available or you might have to pay a premium price to get the preferred varieties and colors.

If your wedding is falling on a Saturday, you must schedule your order delivery for Wednesday or Thursday. This enables the flowers to open adequately and will make certain that you won’t have any last minute delays caused by weather conditions or flight cancellations.

Fill up a bathtub or sink with few inches of warm filtered water to hydrate the flowers. Carefully eliminate the flower wrapping and place the flower bunches in the water till you make the arrangements. Make fresh cuts on the stems prior to arranging, and make the rose cuts below the water surface. This ensures that the flowers would be properly hydrated and will look radiant in your wedding or event.

We also provide last minute orders, Whole Blossoms can send you flowers in less than 48 hours depending on the variety you need.

For any additional information or help you with the choice of your DIY event or wedding flowers, call us at 1.877.WOW.BLOOMS. We are happy to help you!

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