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6 Tips on Saving Money on Wedding Flowers

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Weddings are expensive and in recent times when practically the whole world is affected with recession, everyone is looking for ways to save money. It is no different for brides either; most brides are discovering innovative ways to save money without any compromise on quality. There is nothing that could stop you from getting the wedding of your dreams. You just need to think more creatively and a bit out of the box. Flowers are a major part of any wedding and in this article we will give you some ideas that will be helpful in saving money on your wedding flowers.

6 Tips on Saving Money on Wedding Flowers

wholesale wedding flowers
Wholesale Wedding Flowers
  1. Using wholesale wedding flowers which are in season and are easily available is a cost effective choice. Even though it seems like an excellent idea to hold a wedding in February, we strongly discourage it because can be really expensive because of high prices of flowers due to Valentine’s Day. Instead, think about holding the wedding ceremony during the holiday season when the Churches would be already adorned with gorgeous flowers! You just need to locate a church with the flowers of your choice.
  2. Before getting in touch with your flower wholesaler, it will be helpful if you have a budget in mind and work out what exactly you need so you can communicate more effectively with your flower wholesaler. That way you cannot be tricked into getting a quotation with all expensive flowers and fillers for your ceremony. They can suggest things that go well with your theme and colors and at the same time are reasonably priced too.

  1. Another idea to save money is to arrange your own flowers like simple bouquets of roses tied collectively with a ribbon. If you are not completely convinced on how to do it, you can search for ideas on the web to put together flowers for your wedding.
Wedding Flowers
Wedding Flowers
  1. If you have your mind set on tall centerpieces however you are having some trouble in managing its cost, then you should consider mixing tall centerpieces with few short ones. This way you get double the benefit as you get to use two styles in your wedding and can cut down the costs by skipping tall arrangements on every table. This can be achieved by almost any flower. Just, trim the flowers to desired length as considered necessary. Even tall flowers like Iris could be trimmed to only use their blooms.
  1. Repeating the same arrangements will without a doubt save you money. What we mean is that you the throw bouquet can be reused as a decoration or these bouquets can also be used as central to head table. Moreover, you could just use the already done floral arrangements in the church. You might want help from the bridal party in moving the floral arrangements but many people are happy to help.

Buy Wedding Flowers

  1. Using candles for decoration is relatively economical. For this, its best if you can find a discount store during holiday sales or post Christmas also you can get amazing prices. Candles definitely look pleasing and they really amplify flower arrangements when used aptly. The incredible thing with candles is that every shape and color can be bought, and at comparatively low prices. Consider using matching colors and height to bring the best out of floral arrangements. For further help, look for wedding floral arrangements used with candles for ideas. Once you’ve found the look you need, it’s straight and simple forward to form the floral look of your choice.

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