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Random Thoughts Today on Wedding Flowers

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A wedding is an occasion whose memories you would like to preserve for the rest of your life. Your wedding bouquet is one of those very special memories that you certainly would like to save and keep for decades to come. You might be among the brides who do not want to toss away their wedding bouquet. Here are some thoughts on how to save your bouquet.

A Simple Method to Dry Flowers

An easy way to save your wedding flowers is to dry up your wedding bouquet and keep it for a long long time. You can use this method as it is very easy to carry out. These are some simple tips to dry your wedding bouquet:

  • Remove any wilted or dried stems or leaves that have lost freshness during the wedding ceremony.
  • Hang the bouquet upside down in a dry and dark place for example a closet or an unused washroom.
  • Leave it for four to five days at least.
  • Spray the flowers with floral spray or if you are unable to find that simply spray unscented hairspray and leave it to dry.
  • Place the dried up bouquet in a display box with care as dry flowers tend to be extremely fragile.

Now you can keep your wedding bouquet for as long as you wish.

How To Preserve Wedding Flowers By Pressing

Flowers are a very delicate natural element and when they get associated with a happy occasion like marriage, you would like to increase their very short life by preserving them. Pressing them would allow you to preserve them for a very long time.

A few guidelines for the process are:

  • You will need some heavy books and a few newspaper sheets.
  • Put the singled out flowers of your bouquet on a newspaper sheet and cover with another sheet and so on. You should have a book underneath all these layers of flowers. Then use another book to press down over the top layer of paper.
  • Leave this for several weeks and you have your dried and preserved flowers.

These are some easy to follow and tried tips for preserving your wedding flowers and especially your wedding or bridal bouquet. We want to allow you to preserve your special memories attached with your wedding. Making a bridal bouquet is something extremely traditional but preserving it is an idea that has lasted to modern times.

Most Recent Flower Trends

Another important aspect in making your wedding ceremony an event to be remembered by all is following the trend. The most popular flower trends seen this year are big flowers with gentle and soft textures. Pinks paired with bright reds are popular at the moment. The first important step is to select a color that would not only suit your personality but also goes with the trend this year and season.

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