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4 Seasons of Birth Month Flowers to Personalize Your Event

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How to Personalize Your Flower Choices According to Your Birth Month’s Symbolic Blooms

For many years the floral industry has promoted a symbolic tradition each month having a special flower known as a birth month flower. Brides and grooms have long incorporated their birth month flowers into their wedding designs as a way to bring a personal touch and deeper significance into their floral pieces, and they also use birth month flowers to honor their parents, departed relatives, their own children, and yes, even their pets.

Another popular way that couples use their birth month flower is to embrace the birth month of their wedding, which marks the start of their new life together and gives their big day an actual birthday. At the wedding and on the anniversaries, they will incorporate the birth-month blooms of their union.

Taking this personalization a step further, they’ll share the story of their wedding birth-month—or the inclusion of their own or parent’s birth-month flowers—in their wedding day floral pieces and tribute arrangements so that guests can appreciate the special, thoughtful steps that went into designing each element of the day.

Your birth-month flowers can be combined in your bouquet, including both his and hers blooms, and you can also bring in the birth-month flowers of your children to give your bouquet a truly family oriented symbolism—provided that each flower complements the collection as a whole. Tulips and holly would be a strange combination, for instance. We’ve provided two flowers for each month, giving you more of a selection for combinations and the blending of special family blooms.

Want to add even more meaning? Look at your birth-month gemstones, such as emerald for May, and bring those colors into your bouquet and décor. This just makes the symbolism even deeper, giving you a fresh combination of the two major birth month specialties with plenty of color to work with.

If your birth-month flowers don’t work with your desired bouquet or centerpiece plans, such as daisies not fitting in with your formal wedding sea of roses and calla lilies, then use those daisies as a theme at another of your pre- or post wedding events.



  • September: aster or morning glory
  • October: Calendula or cosmos
  • November: chrysanthemum
  • December: narcissus or holly
  • January: carnations or snowdrop
  • February: violet or primrose violet

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