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Where, How, and Why to Make a Peony Bouquet

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To plan a wedding requires certain stamina and determination. The plans, downfalls, obstructions that finally sum up to the actual wedding day is embraced with pure bliss and echoes a spark of happiness and joy for the impending married life for the couple.

This is the reason that one should be rational and careful while planning for their wedding because a twinge of a stressful mishap can lead to multiple imminent calamities eventually making the bride and groom panic-stricken on their wedding day which is the opposite of what they should be feeling on their big day. On the day of the wedding, the faces of the engaged couple should be fresh as if flowers have just bloomed in the summer and that requires a major contributing factor of wistful planning beforehand.

Flowers are a vital component of our daily lives. They are used to represent love and are tied with the symbolism of respect and gratitude on many occasions in life. Weddings are also accompanied by the tradition of flowers representing the freshness and aroma of a decent blissfulness that is engulfed within the air.

Choosing flowers can be tricky, there is an immense amount of great choices when you think of the wedding theme and the carpet of flowers that can be embedded within the hall and will blend perfectly well with the attire of the event. But, let me introduce you to a flower which is diverse in its existence and can be attributed to any theme and still manage to look just as amazing as the bride on the wedding day. Well, slightly less because you cannot possibly steal the bride’s thunder on the main event.

Peony flower is a wedding favorite which is frequently requested by couples wishing to get married. It is a seasonal flower opted for weddings taking place in May or June but it is usually available around the whole year by individual companies and that too, in the best quality, as fresh as the one present in the season. The perfect peony can be utilized in weddings, bridal showers or any other event following the wedding celebrations.

Peony flower is a native of the country of China. It used to be referred to as the king of flowers and carried the title of their national flower but was soon replaced by plum tree useful by 1929. Luoyang, in China, is known to house hundreds of peonies and is called the city of peonies. But how have these flowers, from a city in China, became such a popular choice for weddings?

They are a symbol of happy days in marriage and good fortune which is precisely the kind of assurance the couple needs on their wedding days to provide a sense of tranquility. They also represent the values of romance, love, gratefulness, compassion, and honor. This is the reason the peony bouquet is the 12th wedding anniversary flower marking a strong relationship that has endured highs and lows to make the marriage last as long as a whopping 12 years.

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Here is why you should opt for a peony wedding. Depending upon their species, they can grow to be quite big making the bunch look fresh and huge in the hands of the carrier. 10-inch flowers loosely held in a bouquet provides a fresh and delicious look to the audience. They are available in almost every color except the blue color which is partially okay as blue is often represented as the color of sadness. The flowers that can grow up to be as large as succulent cabbages can live up to 100 years; maybe you can keep your wedding bouquet as a souvenir in your house to look back at the magnificent day that bonded you and your partner in a marriage.

The act to form a perfect bouquet depends on certain contributing factors such as the theme of the wedding, the dress code that is exhibited by the bridesmaids and kids, the dress that will be elegantly worn by the bride, the display of the ceremony and the hall that will pay homage to the wedding. Usually, an averagely sized bouquet is chosen for the wedding, but peonies are comparatively more massive, so if you prefer a small bunch held together gracefully then you can cut the stems and tie them with a ribbon in contrast.

You should take care of the peonies once you have bought the bunch that will best go with the theme of the wedding. Secondly, you should keep them hydrated and in a cold temperature such that they do not wither at the moment when you are carrying it out into the ceremony, walking on the ramp to the groom. The bunch will keep its beauty if they are stored in the water and taken out at the last possible moment. You can dry the stems off with a dry towel, cut the greens diagonally and tie them around tightly to make the perfect bunch.

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Your peony wedding bouquet can display a monochromatic theme, usually white is the popular choice embraced with shades of green, but the pink peony is represented as the symbol of love and a happy marriage. Or the shades of various colors held along the beautiful shades of the peonies can opt for the bouquet that is to be carried by the bride. Color of the berries or a romantic bunch of colors, a hint of vibrancy encompassed within the net or a lighter shade toward the pastel colors, a pinkish feministic side or a somewhat decent choice of using the earthy colors, massively rich and lush colors or a beautiful bunch of candy popping shades can be some of the ideas that can be utilized or your perfect peony bouquet in the wedding.

You can add a net around the bouquet or choose some beads and artificial stems carrying beads and seeds to go with the bouquet. You can even seek out peonies for sale if you are gaining attraction towards a lower budget wedding or generalizing the flowers to a comparatively low budget.

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