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Top 10 Ways to Use Rose Petals for any Events.

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Rose petals are the nature’s most exciting creation, as people cannot hide their love for these little beauties. They have a way with the beauty if an event. It not only intensifies but enhances the color range. The fragrance, the color, the presence, and the placement, all adds up to create a beautiful aura in the event venue. Rose petals are always a better choice to make when decorating a venue, like weddings, birthday parties or any other event. They are a real beauty to induce into the decorations. There are several ways how you can use the petals in favor of the event.

Rose petals tend to be one of the easiest yet beautiful DIY decoration one can use for an event. May it be a wedding ceremony, a birthday party, a family brunch, or any other event, roses are used all around the globe because of their fragrance and pleasing aesthetic look! From unique wedding aisles to bouquets and toss after “I do,” these beautiful petals are used in several ways to make your event a perfect “WOW” at first sight.

Rose, the queen of the flower kingdom, is used either in its real form-soft, fresh and real, or else in a freeze-dried form to decorate your venue form roof to floor in the best way possible.

Here are some of the most unique and fantastic ideas in which one can use them for any event. Have a look!

  • Wedding aisles and pathways

Wedding aisles and pathways are the first things any guest have their eyes rolled on!

Make your aisles and pathways floral with real rose petals to make your “wedding walk” memorable and unique. You can simply spread these petals on your pathways or create attractive patterns on the aisle according to your wedding theme.

Commonly, red rose petals are used for such a purpose to make a bed of roses for bride and groom, but using different colored petals to make impressive patterns is another unique way to decorate your next event.

  • Floral cake tables

May it be a wedding ceremony or a birthday party, top-tier cakes are fading away with time. People are looking for some more attractive ideas, and that is where rose petals can do a lot!

Decorating your cake tables with petals by spreading them all around the cake on the table and even on the cake can strike a very impressive look.

  • Attractive centerpieces

It’s very obvious to decorate your guest tables with candles or any decorative centerpieces. Do something extraordinary by embellishing the centerpiece vases and bowls with rose petals along with candles on top to make a perfect candlelight dinner night.

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  • String the petals

Stringing the petals to make attractive and beautiful backdrops for perfect photo-shoot for any event is another unique way to utilize them.

  • Petal Toss

Petal toss is one of the traditional ways to greet bride and groom at wedding receptions. If you are too bored of the red rose petal toss, using different colored rose petals to greet the newlyweds can also be a good idea to use them.

  • Petal drops

Last but not the least, rose petals can be filled in balloons for a petal drop at birthday parties or any other special event.

Now when you are prone to a bunch of amazing ideas to decorate your events with petals, you may be confused with the question that “from where can I buy rose petals.” Well, roses are easily available at any flower shop if you are looking for DIY ideas. However, if you are hiring some decorators for the event, you simply don’t need to worry about such a hassle. Nowadays, all event decorators arrange flowers and petals by themselves.

For instance, if your budget is low and finds the petals costing you a bit high, look for some wholesalers. There are a couple of vendors selling wholesale flowers online too!

  • Centerpieces

The centerpiece is kept to direct the attention of the guests there so that they can enjoy the décor. The centerpieces summarize and define the overall décor and with just that people can put up a better face in front of guests. Arrange a centerpiece, a decorative bowl, filled with sparkling water with rose petals floating over it, placed at the center of each table. It would change the mood of people and elevate it, as they could enjoy the beauty of nature up so close, with a naturally freshening scent of the petals. They are just the perfect choice for the event décor.

  • Hanging down the stem on the wall

Eucalyptus branches always carry a beauty with them, wherever they hand, a similar branch filled with rose petals can be hanged alongside the eucalyptus branch and with the most enthusiastic combination of red and green. The idea of falling petals would be great, filled with so much energy in the room.

  • A pool filled with petals

A pool is always, especially if the party I casual. A pool filled with fluting rose petals shining in the natural light of the moon, is the perfect combination of nature that you would want to see work. The pool with a touch of roses and their sweet fragrance is what you would like to see on your birth.

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  • Forming designs on the ground

It takes up a lot of effort, but once it has been made, it is a real beauty to show off. Designing the ground’s surface with petals, as they lay on the ground forms an appealing and attracting piece. You can make hearts, spirals, patterns and a lot more. You can even use different colored petals to give it a perspective and a defined color line. It would look very beautiful if the two or more colors are blended together in the form of the petal. But the color of petals must complement the ground’s exterior.

You can buy real rose petals online, if you do not want to put in the effort of going out and searching through, as the question arises in your mind that, ‘where can I buy rose petals.’ There are a lot of options for Wholesale flower online, as you shop and search through the right product for yourself.


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