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Guide to buy Peonies for your wedding day

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Peonies have always been a favourite among brides and wedding decorators. Their romantic ruffles and plethora of varieties have constantly inspired brides to use it as their wedding flower. Whether you want a soft and pastel themed wedding or a bright and bold one, you will find a peony to match and complement your theme’s colours. These bright beauties will make sure your wedding decoration is eye-catching and gorgeous.

Peonies for bridal bouquet

The bride is the main attraction of any wedding. She needs to look as gorgeous as she can be. The Bridal bouquet is a big contributor to her charm and beauty, as she walks down the aisle. Your bouquet needs to compliment your dress and bring out your exquisiteness, for all to admire. Peonies are one of the most popular choices for bridal bouquet among brides from all over the world. These big beauties are so beautiful and attractive that you are bound to fall in love with them. You do not need a lot of them, just two or three mixed with some filler greens will make your bouquet absolutely smashing.


Colours you can choose from

Peonies come in so many varieties of colour that you are ensured to find one that will match your wedding theme. If you are having a wedding with soft hues and pastel tones, you can use the white, pale pink, lavender, and yellow peonies. Mix them up with some pale filler greens or cactus, if are feeling bold, and enjoy its subtle beauty. If you are into bright, bold colours, you can choose from bright coral, burgundy, dark pink, and more. Mixing and matching never hurt if you want the mixture of some light coloured peonies with one or two bright ones in them. Peonies make for some of the most beautiful bridal bouquets and flower arrangements. Use them at your special day to gain compliments and praises from all your guests.

Peonies for daily use

Are you someone who loves having a fresh bouquet of flowers on her dining table or bedside table every day? If yes, then peonies are perfect for you. Just put one or two of them in a vase and see how they brighten up your room. Choose the colour you want and decorate your room accordingly. Going on a date with your dream girl for the very first time? Get her these big, bright beauties to impress and amaze her.

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