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Some Cool Things About Carnations That Will Help Your Event Planning

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majestic peach carnation bouquet

When you are considering your wedding or special event, don’t skip out on the floral arrangements. They can really enhance the mood of the event in a more positive way than you can imagine. When you think of floral designs, most people may consider Garden Roses, Peonies, Red Dahlias, and a host of other Wholesale Flowers. You might be surprised that the affordable cost of a Carnations is considerably lower as compared with others, and if you are trying to save a little more money, this is not only an affordable flower, but a stylish one as well.

At Whole Blossoms, one of the most popular varieties is White Carnations. They can blend into a numerous style of Wedding Flowers and other arrangements, leaving them hands down, a great selection for arrangements.

If you are having a wedding or special event, we have some cool ideas that will make them appear rich and vibrant.

Their ruffled appearance on their heads makes them extremely useful and can help you create very unique backdrops, floral setups, arrangements, and much more. Their inexpensive and can buy them as Bulk Flowers, more than other varieties.

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Another exciting idea with the Carnation Flower

Another exciting idea with the Carnation Flower is to create hanging floral strands in which you can take White Carnations, Red Carnations and inter mingle them with all kinds of other florals. The great thing about this is the affordability of a Carnation. We have several varieties of Carnation Flowers.

orange carnations at wedding table arrangements

Carnation Varieties

  • White Carnations
  • Fancy White Carnations
  • Cream Carnation Flower
  • Cream Carnation Flower Fancy
  • Peach Carnation Standard
  • Peach Carnation Fancy LIzzy
  • Yellow Flower Fancy Carnation
  • Carnation Yellow Flowers Mini
  • Yellow Tinted Carnation
  • Green Flower Carnation Fancy
  • Carnation Green Flowers Mini
  • Green Carnation Flower
  • Green Dyed Wholesale Flower
  • Pink Mini Carnation Flowers
  • Light Pink Carnation Flowers
  • Bicolor Carnation White Pink Flower
  • Hot Pink Carnation Flower
  • Blue Carnation Flower Tinted
  • Moonvista Dark Purple Carnation
  • Moonshade Purple Carnation
  • Moonlight Purple Carnation
  • Carnation Orange Flowers
  • Fresh Red Carnation Flower

We invite you to take a closer look at these varieties as well as many others. As you will see for yourself, we are pretty diverse in our selection of colors and proud of the quality of product we provide.  Your creativity on your floral strands has no limits.

If you are looking for an inspiring backdrop, assembling wooden posts with a cross beam and  installing “Floating’ carnation heads on thin wires hanging from the top, might be just the right inspiration you need when repeating your vows. This works best outdoors and feeling the fresh air flowing through the Carnation Heads can make your moment feel magical.

red carnation wedding bouquet

Simple Flower Crown

Another inspiring idea with carnations is to create a simple flower crown. You can take Pink Carnations or your favorite color and create a lush crown and feel like a princess.

Carnation Heads

Do you have a pool or a bond at your wedding or reception? You can take carnation heads and have them floating all around with bright or pastel colors.

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Carnation Arrangement

You can also create a lovely arrangement with Garden Roses, Wax Flowers, and Seeded Eucalyptus in the mix. You can assemble them and place them on the tables for some immediate attention that will thrill all the onlookers and provide you with some incredible photos that will fill your lifetime with memories.

Carnation Boutonnieres

They are also great for boutonnieres on lapels. You can use one head or fasten two or three together with some greenery and you will look like a million bucks.

Create numerous garland strands

You can also create numerous garland strands and hang them from literally anything you can fasten them on. You will feel like you are in the middle of a lush floral garden and enhance your wedding moment with less of the expense. There are many affordable ways of decorating with Bulk Flowers.

Single bloom on your beautiful hairstyle

For an astonishing touch on the head of a bride, you can add one single bloom on your beautiful hairstyle. It can help you in your defining moments of the solitude of the ceremony.

lavender and purple carnations

Garlands of Carnations

Don’t forget your car! Why assemble some garlands of carnations and let them hang from your ride as you drive off into the sunset and begin your new life and adventure together. It’s really a beautiful way to express yourself and let others know of your exciting life together.

Simple centerpiece ideas

For simple centerpiece ideas, just add single stems in vases and place them on your guest’s tables. You don’t always have to have many blooms in an arrangement, and many times simple is better.

You may choose carnations simply because you love them or because they are economical and with a tight budget, a little goes a long way.

At Whole Blossoms, we want to help provide the most wonderful experience possible. Please visit our website www.wholeblossoms.com or give us a call at -877-259-2566.

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