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The Power of Burgundy Flowers for Fall Centerpieces ( Part 1 )

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Burgundy Fall Wedding Flowers

Well, mid August is finally upon us and the approaching fall season will soon be here. Every bride, wedding and event planner certainly has their own style, and especially in the area you live in, transitioning colors are everything. Some states, like Alabama, Louisiana, and South Carolina seem to love the lighter tones and colors to match their white, pink, and light blue dresses with the contrast of the spacious Montebello homes, grassy landscapes, and bright, sunny skies. However, many states like Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, Maine, and Vermont, have the woodland and coastal landscapes with the usual overcast skies which are the perfect welcome for Burgundy Flowers

Browsing through photos from the hundreds of event planners and wedding photographers from all over the US and Canada, I have discovered the richness of burgundy flowers in Wedding Bouquets filled with exquisite varieties that all arrange in perfect harmony and unison. It’s incredible to see the gleam in the eyes of the bride as she poses with epic backgrounds, such as the coastal waters of the Great Lakes, or the crashing waters over the scattered boulders of the northern Atlantic coastal waters. You can also see the same expressions in the rural fielded backgrounds. What I noticed is the spiritual connection burgundy has with the joyful bride and overcast skies. They go together like magic!

If you are still in the planning stage, or if you have already decided on burgundy as the main color of your Wedding Flowers, I would like to give you my personal opinions and observations from the many varieties I have seen. The added beauty to all of this is that Whole Blossoms carries them all with premium quality and rock bottom prices of Wholesale Flowers. This allows you to get out there and get totally creative and begin making your own moment in time.

Burgundy Anemone Flower

This variety is certainly one of my favorites and you can always find them in an arrangement with Cream Daisies, and Cream Roses. What I find, when I see this is the art of bringing the natural colors of skin tone and shadowy Burgundy Anemones, work together to capture that one moment in time where you are in transition out of youth into a wife and possible mother some day. Colors bring out feelings and emotions and very little is needed to understand exactly how one is expressing at that defining moment.

burgundy anemone flowers

Often you see White Calla Lilies added with a little coloring of Hot Pink Roses and Purple Carnations. There is literally no limit to the amount of words you can create with colors in flowers, accessories, and backgrounds. Many will not understand what you are trying to convey, but at Whole Blossoms, we really get it and promise to give you to best Anemones.

Burgundy Dahlia Flower

This variety is actually one of my favorites and has a clustered star shape of petals that seems symbolize eternity. They can actually steal the show with their demanding appearance and can also add a bit more volume where your Wedding Centerpieces may be lacking it. I saw an incredible arrangement with Cream Garden Roses, Peach Roses, and Seeded Eucalyptus that had the perfect balance of colors. It was the perfect fall sentiment and the bride carried it with pride.

The mystique in her eyes and the humorous curiosity in the eyes of the groom painted the perfect visual for what I am trying to describe to you right now. Dahlias are special and come in many different varieties and tones, which if you want an all Dahlia arrangement, can’t go wrong.  I have seen some impressive photo art with them, as they have a personality that begs your attention; they are youthful, playful, and proud. In some ways, I feel this may be what some of the brides might be trying to say.

Ranunculus Burgundy Flowers

Hands down, the Ranunculus Flower is by far my favorite. I would have to say that my favorite three colors are white, peach, and burgundy (which also look fantastic in a centerpiece together). Depending on the location of where the Burgundy Ranunculus is grown, they almost have a chocolate like appearance to them.

I love the way they have such cute little centers, surrounded by rows and rows of outer petals that open like the aperture of a camera lens when fully opened. They have something about their personalities that draws you closer, like an insect to light. I can’t explain it further than that. However, when a bride carries them in her Bridal Bouquet, and possibly with her bridesmaids, she seems to open everyone’s eyes with magical gleams and pulls her significant other in with such power and grace.

An arrangement with White Anemones with Dark Centers is the perfect match! Add some Cream Roses and you will look absolutely amazing!

This is part one, in my series of all our Burgundy Flowers. I encourage you to browse our selections and see for yourself that you can create a bit of your own fall masterpieces.

Please check out all of our entire Wholesale Flowers collection www.wholeblossoms.com. We have over 3,000 varieties and adding more every day. We are so excited to give you the ultimate wedding selections that you won’t find anywhere else. If you have any questions, you can contact us via chat, or give us a call at 1-877-259-2566.

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