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Why Garden Roses are the Perfect Wedding and Event Bloom

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Garden Rose Bouquets in Wedding

When it comes to planning your wedding or special event, many mistakenly think Roses and Garden Roses are the same thing.

There are some striking differences between the two, although they are cousins. The standard rose is excellent for centerpieces and many other floral arrangements, such as boutonnieres, corsages, vases, and much more. The heads on a Garden Rose makes them a spectacular show for Wedding Bouquets and other floral arrangements for Wedding Flowers and other special events.

The fuller heads on garden roses often appear the same on the heads on peonies and in some cases, a garden rose and peony are often mistaken for each other. They have full, softer ruffled petals that make them a magical spectacle that you can almost not take your eyes off of. The major difference between a peony and garden rose is the price. Peonies are way more expensive than garden rose, so if you are looking to save a bit more money, you are better off with garden rose. This allows you to do two things, one, save money, especially if you are a savvy bride and are on a tighter budget. Second, this also allows you to spend the same amount on a larger quantity of blooms. When you have more blooms, you can do way more floral designs and max out with lavish wedding or event decorations. One very nice idea is to add Seeded Eucalyptus or Silver Dollar Eucalyptus as table runners and add many stems of garden roses throughout all of your tables.

Garden Roses Table Arrangements

A really nice advantage we try to tell all of our brides here at Whole Blossoms is that your fuller heads can take up more space in centerpieces and other arrangements. If this is the look you are looking for, you will enjoy rich, full arrangements, which will appear healthy and hearty.

Another great advantage of ordering Garden Rose is the variety is the wonderful selection of colors and varieties we have to other. As you browse our website you will notice the different tones of lighter to deeper pinks, the lavender to deeper purple tones. You can enjoy the richness of many colors in a truly amazing Wedding Bouquet and Bridesmaid Bouquets.

White and Peach Garden Rose Flowers

Here is a list of all our varieties that we have available. We are always looking for new colors as breeders come up with fresh new examples and variations every year.

  • Jean Moreau Pure Light White Garden Rose
  • Kirina Cut Peach Garden Roses
  • White Blushing Beauty Garden Rose
  • Snow White Garden Roses
  • White Piano Garden Rose
  • Candlelight White Garden Rose
  • Blush Garden Rose Flower
  • Kamishi Blush Garden Roses
  • Classic Woman Bright Love Garden Rose
  • Annice Cream Romantic Garden Rose
  • White Garden Rose Mayra
  • Mayra’s Light Bicolor White Garden Roses
  • Alabaster White Garden Roses
  • Matcha Green Garden Roses
  • Mayra’s Verts Green Garden Roses
  • Caramel Piaget Peachy Garden Rose
  • David Austin Patience White Garden Rose
  • David Austin Pink Garden Rose
  • Caramel Antique Garden Rose
  • Sweet Xpression Bulk Garden Rose
  • Cream Garden Rose Campanella
  • David Austin Juliet Peach Garden Rose
  • Salmanazar Pink Peach Peony Garden Rose
  • Purity Spray Cream Garden Rose
  • Emma Woodhouse Peach Garden Rose
  • Country Sun Yellow Garden Roses
  • Wedding Xpression Cream Garden Rose
  • Lemon Pompon Yellow Garden Roses
  • Bridesmaid Dusty Pink Garden Roses
  • Pink Charming Pink Garden Roses
  • Mansfield Park Pink Garden Rose
  • Gosscinny Coral Orange Garden Rose Flower
  • Pink Invitation Garden Roses
  • Goscinny Fall Orange Garden Rose
  • Prince Jardinier Pink Garden Rose
  • Grazy Cornielle Salmon Pink Garden Rose

This is a very good list of all of our pinks, yellows and oranges. Please visit our Garden Roses Section to see the complete list as we have 32 other varieties not listed in this blog.

Now that you know that garden rose are better than standard roses, and less expensive than peonies, and that we have a very large selection, it’s important to know which blooms to arrange with them during the different seasons of the year as they will greatly bring out the color of every season with a communication that only comes from flowers.

Pink Garden Rose Flowers

For example, if you are going to make Fall Wedding Bouquets, you will certainly want to showcase the seasonal orange colors in your pallet. This can be done with our Orange Garden Rose Varieties, Orange Ranunculus, Baby Breath Flowers, and Seeded Eucalyptus. You may even consider adding some wild flowers for the full, autumn effect.

Garden Rose add a certain style of sophistication you can’t get with any other bloom, and this is important when it comes to weddings and your special day.

At Whole Blossoms, we want to give you the best experience, best prices, best selection, and best quality. Please check out our huge catalog of over 3,000 varieties www.wholeblossoms.com. You may also give us a call 1-877-259-2566.

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