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What Are Some Wedding Trends in Wedding Flowers in 2021?

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The Wedding Season is now upon us and if you still want to be a June Bride, there is still plenty of time. Summer is here and many couples have been in their hibernation mode long enough and are ready to tie the knot. People are beginning to feel more comfortable in public settings and are getting really excited! At Whole Blossoms, we are noticing some new trends and thought it would be a good time to share our own thoughts and observations as well.

Wedding Flowers, Wedding Bouquets, Wedding Centerpiece Ideas, DIY Wedding Flowers are the in thing right now and Google Trends is showing the search for Wedding Flowers Online is really high right now, especially in the New England area. Perhaps you are planning to make a run of it, so we have the low down on the current trends.

What is in right now? There are some very new ideas, as well as some traditional ones that are in mega mode.

Buying The Larger Blooms

This year we are seeing an increase of sales in

The larger blooms are in right now and we have all kinds of colors that you will love. White Peony, Pink Peony, Pink Garden Roses, and Blush Garden Roses are really selling right now. We are getting calls from brides all across the US who is requesting these particular Flowers. One reason is that couples want to show off their Flora Arrangements with a loud statement. They always appear unforgettable in photos and gives your wedding a more luxurious appearance.

Going For The Texture

Another thing we have noticed is that many are buying blooms with unique textures, such as

Many couples are going for different textures that will help define their ceremony, instead of the traditional flowers and shapes. This is ok and it really helps your event become quite unique. You can decide which textures match your theme and personalities. The search can be fun and actually bring you closer together as a couple. Preserved Flowers are also really popular and though their textures may seem a bit more traditional, their longevity will also say something about how you think and feel about your wedding.

We have some of these varieties and are also adding more to our catalog. 

  • Preserved Gardenia
  • Preserved Rose Petals
  • Preserved Roses
  • Preserved Lavender

Using More Earth Tones

Another popular trend we see going on these days is the use of earth tones.  Some of the more popular colors are Terracotta, Rusty Orange, and Honey Yellow. If you would like to browse our colors selection, you can easily locate these colors, like

Earth Tones look incredible with Outdoor Weddings and Rustic Weddings. If you are getting married out west, or in a desert setting, you will really appreciate these colors.

Smaller, More Petite Bouquets

When it comes to Wedding Bouquets and Bridal Bouquets, another new trend is to make the smaller and more petite sizes. One bride said she was going for a smaller and more defined style of arrangement. This is fine as well as with has many blooms with smaller head sizes that will arrange magically for your lovely setting.

Going For The Monochromatic Look

This has often been popular in the past, but this year we are seeing more and more of it in the varieties of Flowers couples are adding to their orders.

The top three monochromatic colors many are going for this year is

It all depends on your personality and taste, but we can help you make any color look great with all the right varieties.

More Grounded and Less Hanging Flower Arrangements

In recent years, hanging flowers were all the rage, but this year it seems many have settled to go for Tall Centerpiece Ideas instead. Many are decorating their ceremony platform with many of our taller varieties, such as.

Grounded is good and can provide you with the perfect backdrop to serve as the perfect inspiration to your very special day.

Going All Out on the Aisle

Another new trend that many couples are doing is focusing the majority of their floral design on the wedding aisle. This is probably the area many will remember the most and help you have the most dramatic entry. You can put Centerpieces all along the aisle, as well as placing Floral Arrangements on the chair backs closest to the aisles. Don’t forget your Petals! We have every color for your wedding theme.

These are just a few of the trends. Next week we will give you the conclusion of this article, so stay tuned.

If you need any help, please visit our website www.wholeblossoms.com, or call us at 1-877-259-2566.

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