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What Are Some Wedding Trends in Wedding Flowers in 2021? Part #2

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Red Wedding Flowers Bouquets

This week we are going to continue last week’s blog and talk about the wedding trends for Wedding Flowers in 2021. We pretty much had the entire wedding season of 2020 put on hold, but this year, many eager couples are ready to tie the knot.

What are you looking for when it comes to Flower Arrangements and Centerpiece Ideas? It really helps to keep up on the popular trends in the wedding industry so you can make your planning stages full of ideas to make your wedding most spectacular.

Be sure to read the previous blog to get the full context of this final segment.

What are some more of the trends?

Adding A Vibrant Touch

This year we have noticed that many are purchasing more bright and bold Blooms. Adding Bold Pops of color can really make for some exciting displays. Some of our favorite colors include:

Red Flowers

We have some very exciting of varieties to choose from such as

  • Red Alstroemeria
  • Red Rose Petals
  • Red Anemone
  • Red Celosia
  • Red Freesia
  • Red Peony
  • Red Kangaroo Paw
  • Red Rose Centerpieces
  • Red Ginger Flower
  • Red Hanging Heliconia
  • Red Anthurium
  • Red Lily Asiatic Lily
  • Red Mokara Orchid
  • Preserved Red Rose Petals
  • Red Amaryllis
  • Red Calla Lily Aranal
  • Dark Red Peony
  • Red Succulent
  • Red Seeded Eucalyptus
  • Red Gerbera Daisy
  • Red Bouvardia
  • Red Cattails

Orange Flowers

This color really accentuates darker contrasting colors and can add a warmer tone to your Centerpiece Ideas. We have some great choices, such as:

  • Alstroemeria Orange
  • Celosia Orange
  • Orange Carnations Mini
  • Orange Gladiolus
  • Orange Gerbera Daisy
  • Mango Calla Lily
  • Orange Dahlia Fiesta
  • Orange Freesia
  • Orange Ranunculus
  • Dutch Orange Tulip Flower
  • Orange Gerbera Daisy Mini
  • Orange Calla Lily Forest Oak
  • Orange Snapdragon
  • Orange Spray Roses
  • Heliconia Orange Tropical Flower
  • Orange Lily Asiatic Lily
  • Bird of Paradise
  • Orange Rose Petals

Blue Flowers

This year we have seen a very big increase in popularity with this color and have spoken with many floral designers who say they are getting many request for Blue Wedding Themes and Blue Wedding Bouquet. Here are some of our favorite selections.

  • Baby Blue Eucalyptus Flowers
  • Blue Delphinium Flowers
  • Blue Hydrangea
  • Blue Baby’s Breath
  • Blue Succulent
  • Cornflower Blue
  • Blue Carnations
  • Dyed Bom Blue Double Lei
  • Blue Spider Mum
  • Blue Rose
  • Blue Limonium
  • Blue Dendrobium Orchid
  • Blue Craspedia
  • Grape Hyacinth Muscari
  • Blue Statice
  • Blue Star of Bethlehem
  • Blue Cremon
  • Blue Riceflower

Yellow Flowers

Adding some variety of yellow colors has really been an enhancement to floral designs so far this year and floral designers are finding that many couples are requesting this color for their Blooms. We have some amazing choices, such as:

  • Yellow Alstroemeria
  • Yellow Dahlia
  • Yellow Gerbera Daisy
  • Yellow Carnations
  • Yellow Calla Lily
  • Yellow Button Poms
  • Yellow Ranunculus
  • Yellow Baby’s Breath
  • Yellow Spray Roses
  • Yellow Heliconia
  • Yellow Lily Asiatic Lily
  • Yellow Spider Mums
  • Yellow Button Poms
  • Yellow Cremon Disbud
  • Yellow Chrysanthemum – Cushion Poms
  • Yellow Daffodil
  • Yellow Daisy
  • Yellow Tulips
  • Yellow Craspedia
  • Yellow Sunflower

As you can see, these are some of the more colorful varieties we have been selling so far this season as spicy and bold is the in thing year.

Creative Arches

Another popular trend is creating a DIY Wedding Arch along with Floral Pillars can add another dimension to your wedding atmosphere that makes everyone feel euphoric and enthusiastic  about your ceremony. There is something grand and majestic about having Wedding Arch Flowers that, not only adds visual beauty and contrast with your wedding colors, but also provides an incredible backdrop for your wedding photos and video. Floral Frames can be created with some of our lesser expensive varieties, such as Carnation and Hydrangea, as well as our more expensive, such as Peonies. Lilac and Olive Branch are some more popular options, as well as Cherry Blossom.

creative elegant wedding arch

Symbolism In Floral Varieties

Each and every flower and color is unique and conveys a symbolic meaning or gesture. This year, symbolism is in. There is really no limit to this idea, and every couple is different. Find what Flowers you want to share and make it part of your wedding theme. People appreciate the sentimental touch to events and you can reach far deeper into the spirits of your beloved wedding guests when you explain the meaning of each bloom.

Stunning Table Scapes

Finally, another trend this year is to add lavish Greenery and Garland to your tables. It is amazing how running garland across your tables makes everyone feel the unity of your marriage and ceremony. We have seen an increase in sales this year with the Greens and see that many couples are adding more and more of it to their reception tables.

stunning tablescape

At Whole Blossoms, we have a passion for Wedding Centerpiece Ideas and Floral Designs. We are here for you and would love to hear from you. Our dedicated team is ready to answer any questions and help you find what you are looking for to make your wedding the most memorable event. Please visit our website www.wholeblossoms.com or give us a call 1-877-259-2566.

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