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How The Sahara Rose Works Great With Summer And Fall Wedding Flowers

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sahara roses

Last blog I discussed my recent experience with White Hydrangea, this blog I would like to discuss my recent experience with the Sahara Rose.

As we now kick off the summer wedding season, it’s still not too early to begin thinking about Fall Wedding Flowers. Please plan ahead when preparing to order your Wedding Flower to assure availability. This year they are predicting this to be the busiest wedding season in years. Many couples who postponed their weddings in 2020 are anxiously waiting to tie the knot in 2021. This is going to be an exciting summer and already I have been getting Flowers to photograph and write about regarding my personal experience.

I can assure you that Whole Blossoms’ Flower Delivery is nothing but premium quality and am actually proud of the product we sell, ship and deliver to thousands of satisfied clients every year.

Recently I had delivered a box of Sahara Rose. Personally, my favorite flower is Ranunculus, but I also love Garden Roses, Spray Roses, Peonies, and Roses. Actually, I love them all, but Rose Flower is fun to arrange with.

The Sahara Rose Flower is an extremely versatile Bloom that is one of the floral industries most sought after Floral. When you receive them you will quickly understand why. They have a rare sandy color that resembles the desert sands of the Sahara. Wow, are they beautiful Roses!

When my box came, I quickly got it inside the cool air conditioning because they spent time in quite a journey from the farm to my doorstep and needed TLC. When I carefully opened the box I took a quick examination of the amazing quality. Just the week before I have a case of White Rose delivered, and had a great experience with them as well, however, one quick look at this sandy beauty gave me a strong impression that this flower is far superior to any other Fresh Roses I had examined in a long while.

The Sahara made me melt as I opened one of the packaged stems. There are some things you need to understand about flowers and that is they really connect you with nature and every time you handle them they are an enriching experience that are sure to make your Flower Arrangements and Centerpiece Ideas flow wonderfully for your wedding or special event. If you stand in a corner of the room and watch you will see how happy, joyful, and peaceful they make people as they make a quick glance. Many times I have seen people simply stare at them without saying a word and seeing the creases in the corners of their mouths widen as they smile without even realizing it. Many couples get them for this alone.

When your box arrives, you need to get them hydrated as quickly as possible. I have some 5 gallon buckets from Wal-Mart and Home Depot that works just fine. I fill them up about a third of the way with the cool filtered water from my refrigerator and add some plant food for extra nutrition. Now if you are in a hurry and don’t have the time to prepare them all at once, I suggest you at least get the bottom of the stems in water. Make sure none of the leaves on each stem gets submerged under water as they will affect their outcome and performance.

You will notice some of the outer guard petals not looking the best, so don’t freak out! This is normal and the condition every florist and floral designer receive them. You need to allow them to hydrate for at least a day and you will see how incredible their heads will fill out.

The next day I prepared my cutting tools and thorn removing tool (be careful, because the thorns are sharp) and stripped the thorns and foliage off each stem. I prepared several different size vases with cool, filtered water about ¾ of the way and began to prepare my Floral Arrangements. I took a measuring tape and measured to make sure the length of each stem were the same and cut the bottom of the stems at an angle; this allows the most hydration to enter. Depending on the day of your event, you may want to leave your stems a little longer to allow room to trim them every other day, if you receive them early.

These flowers are very hearty and will last you a long time if you treat them well. They can be arranged with many other varieties and colors such as Burgundy Flowers, Cream Flowers, White Flowers, Pink Flowers, Peach Colored Flowers, and more.

They lasted many days and I proudly displayed them all over my house.

If you would like to see this bloom and more, just visit our website www.wholeblossoms.com or call us at 1-877-259-2566.

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