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A Recent Experience With Roses and Other Flowers

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white hydrangea wedding bouquets

The Wedding Season is now upon us and many wedding planners, event planners, florists, and floral designers are preparing for their beautiful Wedding Flowers. We travel around and see many weddings and two recent weddings we observed was a simple wedding with few guests, but they had amazing Centerpieces of White Hydrangea. They looked absolutely amazing and the atmosphere was completely surreal! We were in St Augustine when we saw this beautiful evening wedding as they have tall centerpieces with three or four Hydrangea each.

They also had a lush Flower Wall filled with Hydrangea Flower and at the altar they had two lavish Flower Arrangements that also had many other varieties of White Flowers, such as White Ranunculus, White Peony, White Rose, White Lily Asiatic Lily, and a few others. Combined with the candles that were lit everywhere, this was a storybook wedding and the couple was completely in love as they stared at each other with the most loving gazes.

Now, as a person in the Floral Industry, I love to investigate all of the Flowers we sell and have samples sent to our office all the time for photographs, and for firsthand experience when writing articles and descriptions. I wanted to see this amazing White Hydrangea Flower and couldn’t have been more satisfied with our quality and color. I believe this blog is going to be helpful for future wedding couples for several reasons, but one reason is to assure you that when you order from Whole Blossoms, you are getting the best.

white hydrangea bouquet

One thing you have to realize is that they are careful packaged and transported in cold storage. This guarantees you will be getting them fresh. Once we receive your order, our farms will hand pick your number of stems and pack them right away to send them directly to your address. Why is this important? It’s important because you will get the longest vase life possible.

When I opened the boxes I carefully unpacked them and took a look at them. One thing you have to be aware of is that at first, they look a little wilted and dry. Don’t panic! This is totally normal and every florist around the world receives them the same way. The difference is they have had them in their coolers much longer and you get ours right away.

Well, after I inspected them I grabbed some clean buckets and filled them with cool, filtered water ¾ of the way and added some plant food. I then grabbed my cutters and trimmed the bottom of each stem at angle. Make sure you leave as much stem length as possible because part of the hydration process is keeping stems freshly trimmed with plenty of water.

white hydrangea in a vase

After I did this with each stem, I place the buckets in a room that had plenty of cool air and no direct sunlight and left them there for one entire day. When I checked them the next day, I was so impressed! They hydrated really nicely and the heads were filled like beautiful sponges. They looked so happy with their environment and knew they were going to perform excellently.

One thing that makes this Flower an excellent choice for Wedding Centerpiece Ideas and Wedding Bouquets, is that a little goes along way and are very affordable. You can get away with fewer stems and make several different sizes of Floral Arrangements, from tall, medium, and even small, if you choose.

Hydrangea also looks great with just about any other variety of flowers. You can arrange them with Roses, Sunflower, Peony, Lilac, Tulips, Spider Mums, and whatever else you have in mind.

Another thing about this variety is that they literally will last for weeks! This was another thing I was completely impressed with. Now keep in mind, you have to make sure you keep them hydrated and trim the bottom of the stems every other day or every three days. You can enjoy them long after your event. You can also give them to your guests after your wedding or event and they will really be happy with them.

white hydrangea flower arrangements

They are hearty blooms as you will see and is one of my favorite varieties.

Some other final observations I can share is that they have lush, thick, green leaves that makes the perfect Filler Flowers. You can actually get away with not adding other greens if you wish. They are so natural and lively in appearance.

They really made me happy and they photographed like glamour models. If you are planning on using them as Bridal Bouquets, you will be proud to carry them.

Next week, I have to share my experience with the Sahara Rose! I have quite experience to share next week.

Please visit our website and see our complete selection of Hydrangea Colors, you can also see our over 3,000 varieties www.wholeblossoms.com or call us as 1-877-259-2566.

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