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Stunning Fall Wedding Trends: Colors and Flowers in Season

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In the vibrant season of fall 2023, wedding trends are leaning towards the fresh and unconventional. One striking trend is the use of deep, rich colors paired with muted earth tones, creating a bold yet warm palette perfect for autumn. In terms of decor, rustic elements are making a comeback, with barn venues and vintage furniture gaining popularity. Moreover, sustainability is at the forefront, with couples opting for eco-friendly choices such as locally sourced food, minimal waste policies, and recyclable materials. Additionally, intimate, micro-weddings are becoming a favored option, allowing for a more personalized and meaningful celebration. 

Floral trends in 2023 are reflecting the overall shift towards sustainability and personal expression. Wild, garden-style arrangements are in vogue, with couples choosing locally sourced, seasonal blooms that contribute to an organic, effortlessly beautiful aesthetic. Furthermore, in sync with the color trends, deep hues like burgundy and plum are being incorporated in floral designs, contrasted with softer shades of cream and peach for balance. Dried flowers and foliage, such as pampas grass and eucalyptus, are also popular choices, adding texture and a sense of whimsy to arrangements. Lastly, floral installations, such as hanging displays and flower arches, are being used creatively to add visual interest and transform venues into vibrant, enchanting spaces. 

  1. Define Your Budget: Before anything else, have a clear understanding of your financial boundaries. This will help you make informed decisions throughout the planning process without the risk of overspending. 
  1. Choose The Date: Fall weather can be unpredictable. Choose a date keeping in mind the optimal weather conditions and the availability of your preferred venue and vendors. 
  1. Settle On A Theme: Based on the 2023 trends, consider incorporating deep hues, rustic elements, and sustainable practices into your wedding theme. 
  1. Select The Venue: Book a venue that aligns with your chosen theme. Barn venues are very popular for fall, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. 
  1. Decide On A Menu: Opt for locally sourced food not only to support local businesses but also to reduce your carbon footprint. Fall is a season of harvest, offering a variety of fresh and flavorful options. 
  1. Design Your Florals: Embrace the trend of wild, garden-style arrangements with seasonal blooms. Consider using dried flowers and eye-catching floral installations for added visual interest. 
  1. Plan For the Unexpected: Have a backup plan in place in case of inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Above all, remember the day is about celebrating your love, and any imperfections will only add to the charm of your special day 

Choose Your Colors: Deciding on a color palette is a significant step in your wedding planning process. For a fall wedding, consider incorporating the richness of autumnal colors. Deep, warm hues such as burgundy, plum, and burnt orange beautifully complement the season and are currently trending. These can be balanced with muted earth tones like cream and peach, creating a cozy yet vibrant atmosphere. Remember, these colors can be incorporated not only in decor and floral design but also in your wedding attire, invitations, and even the menu. 

Here are 10 Popular Color Themes for Fall Weddings: Fall is a season of rich, warm colors, and your wedding can reflect these stunning hues. Here are ten popular color themes you may consider: 

  • Burgundy and Gold: This luxurious palette brings together the richness of burgundy with the glamour of gold. It’s perfect for a sophisticated, elegant wedding. 
  • Navy and Orange: The bold contrast between deep navy and vibrant orange captures the essence of fall beautifully. 
  • Emerald and Copper: Emerald green paired with copper creates a unique, earthy look that is both rustic and refined. 
  • Plum and Ivory: This combination blends the depth of plum with the softness of ivory, resulting in a romantic, timeless palette. 
  • Chocolate and Cream: A classic choice for fall, the warmth of chocolate brown balanced with cream creates a cozy, inviting atmosphere. 
  • Mauve and Grey: Mauve’s subdued elegance paired with the neutrality of grey offers a modern, chic aesthetic. 
  • Rust and Olive: The combination of rust orange and olive green embraces the natural colors of the season. 
  • Teal and Peach: This unexpected duo brings a fresh, vibrant feel to a fall wedding, with teal’s cool depth contrasting beautifully with the warmth of peach. 
  • Crimson and Mustard: The pairing of bright crimson red and mustard yellow makes for a bold, eye-catching palette. 
  • Sage and Blush: The subtle elegance of sage green paired with soft blush pink creates a delicate, feminine theme. 

Whole Blossoms can be your go-to partner for securing your dream wedding flowers. They offer a wide range of fresh, locally sourced blooms that align with the trending 2023 garden-style arrangements. Whole Blossoms’ expert florists can help you design eye-catching floral installations, whether it be hanging displays or flower arches, transforming your wedding venue into an enchanting space. Moreover, their commitment to sustainability matches the current wedding trend, ensuring that your celebration continues to respect the environment. Whether you are drawn to deep hues like burgundy and plum or softer shades of cream and peach, Whole Blossoms can cater to your color preferences, contributing to a color palette that harmonizes with your chosen fall wedding theme. By partnering with Whole Blossoms, you can personalize and beautify your wedding space with ease and confidence. 

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